Welcome to my Nightmare…

I think you’re gonna like it…or perhaps you won’t.  Either way, that’s not my concern really.  If you choose to read, comment, ignore, or otherwise, that is your choice.  I will just be posting when I need to.  Putting it all out on the table, so to speak.

My intentions are to use this as a journal…soapbox…review panel…whatever it needs to be, it will be.  I can be slightly opinionated – not that I like to force those views on others, but I do like my thoughts to be heard.

So welcome.  And I hope you return.  But again…that is your choice.

Edit:  Upon further review of my first posting, and those of many others, it appears that I fit quite nicely into the world of blogging.  Apparently we all have no desire to be read by others, or just don’t care if it happens.  Yet we continue to pour our little hearts out to the world about whatever strikes our fancy that day.  Oh hell, of course I want to be heard.  Why else would I be writing this?  And I would dare venture into the dangerous waters of saying that I want to be liked as well.  Maybe not so much of the liking…just not being hated.  Is that so wrong?  So there you have it folks…I’m an individual…just like everybody else…

My apologies to my husband for saying that I would never have a blog.  The temptation became too great, love…


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Nightmare…

  1. Cool blog. I agree with what you’re saying here. I don’t particulary want to be liked, but I check my stats often to see if people are viewing.

    It is good to tell the world about whatever we think is a good thing to post. I sometimes just post random images!

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