Waiting in Vain

Have you ever made a decision that required…well, something…that would feed back the next step to you?  It took a lot of weighing the options to make the decision, so after all the thought that went into it, you’re finally content that you made the right one.  But then…you wait.

That’s exactly where I am right now.  Waiting.  I feel like I’ve already made the changes in my life that I’m trying to make, and all systems are go.  But they really aren’t.  And it’s so hard to go through the waiting part.

Why do we, as human beings, sometimes bank so much on the choices we make?  There’s typically a bigger chance that the choice we want isn’t even a realistic option.  We try to obtain an item, or go down another path…and it doesn’t work out.  We routinely set ourselves up for the eventual fall.  Should we ever really get our hopes up about anything?

I think that’s what bothers me the most about hope…”don’t get your hopes up” is such a common warning.  Well, why not?  So we won’t be disappointed, I suppose.  Though sometimes disappointment is what drives us to push even further to achieve what we want and get where we want to be.  Unfortunately, if you’re like me, you plan several scenarios for yourself.  Multiple pathways to the same hopeful outcome.  And when none of those outcomes lead where you wanted them to, well…it’s not pretty.  All that work…for nothing.

Can we fight our human nature to prevent such disappointment?  Perhaps…but if we do, then what?  Sure, we might end up preventing disappointment, but then we stagnate.  We become complacent with our lives and never strive for change.  I say make your life changing decisions and flirt with the possibility that you’ll be disappointed.  Because when you find the one decision that finally sticks, the waiting in vain will have all been worth it.


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