Through Glass

It’s Friday morning and I have the day off.  But this is not going to be a fun day off.  Oh no…there are new windows being installed in our house today.  Yippee!  While I am happy about the new windows, I am not happy about all of the disruption we’ve had to go through to get them.  The installers will likely be here within the hour, but we STILL don’t know what to do with our three cats – none of whom are too impressed about wearing the new harnesses and leashes we got them.  On the other hand, with no blinds and curtains on the window, this place is HUGE and bright!  I’m just hoping that this will go quickly and we’ll be able to enjoy some of this long weekend…

Needless to say, this should be an interesting day.


6 thoughts on “Through Glass

    • Like I mentioned up above…I often have thoughts of putting all three of my cats on leashes and taking them for a walk. But then I come back to reality and recognize that this is just a very stupid idea and would not – in ANY sense of the word – work. That, and I’d prefer to keep my crazy cat lady-ism close to home.

    • My husband and I are strangely proud of our cats. As for the song, well, it was on incessantly one summer at work…it grew on me quite a bit. I even tried to program the opening notes as a song for my insulin pump. Fun!

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