All Apologies

I need to get something off of my chest.  It’s been bothering me for quite some time now.  It makes me feel very bad that I haven’t taken care of this yet.

The whole thing makes me a sad panda...

You see, what’s been bothering me is that Ian and I were married Halloween of 2009, and ten months later, I still have not sent out my thank you cards.  Most people know that I am a huge procrastinator.  But this is getting ridiculous.

It all stems from two things.  The first was this…I was really excited to order my thank you cards.  I found a lovely crafter through Etsy who could customize my cards on plantable paper…postcards at that.  That way, there would be no waste from an envelope, and the recipient of the card could plant the paper and have some lovely wildflowers grow.  Or, if they just threw the postcard out, the paper would still eventually flower.  Exciting!  So I ordered them (after the wedding as money was tight from putting the whole thing on), and waited patiently for their arrival.  They eventually showed up in January…it was a long wait.  By the time they arrived, I was exhausted from the holidays, and I put them aside.

The second problem I encountered was that while transporting our supplies from the reception hall to my car, one of the envelopes fell off of a gift, and after the 17 hour day (on 2 or so hours of sleep) that I had, I didn’t see the need to ensure that it was promptly returned to the package so that we could later thank the gift-giver for it.  Having lived together for a few years, and been together for over 12, most people understood that we did not really need much “stuff”, and thoughtfully gave us monetary gifts.  One of the only physical gifts that we received was a lovely tapas set, as our dinner was tapas-themed.  And I can’t for the life of me figure out who gave it to us.  Ugh.

So this is my dilemma.  I know, I know…you’re reading this saying “really Suzanne…you could have just sent them as soon as you got the postcards.”

Even Xena makes mistakes sometimes...don't scold Gabrielle!

Finger wagging won’t really do anything for me.  I know that I’m a horrible person for not having sent the thank you cards.  It’s been eating away at me over these long months where I’ve glanced at the cards and told Ian I would take care of them and thought long and hard about what I could possibly say on them to explain my delay in sending them.

Even Eli Manning is disappointed in me...

The fact is, I have no excuse.  Well, I have excuses, but while they seem reasonable (at times) to me, they certainly aren’t to the people who gave us gifts.  So, I will eventually fill them out.  I definitely want them finished before our first anniversary, which is quickly approaching.  My family and friends know based on our wedding, that I am not one for tradition, and I have absolutely no sense of etiquette.

To all of my family and friends who attended our Wedpocalypse, and gave us such generous gifts…please forgive my procrastination.  Do not blame Ian.  This is all my responsibility.  We both truly are thankful for all of you and were so happy that you could share our joining with us.  I also ask for a bit more patience…you will receive the thank you cards…I promise you that.  I just have to undergo the task of trying to figure out what to say on them.

And to the giver of the tapas set…thank you!  I likely will not be able to thank you for the set directly, as my detective skills are extremely limited, and we just cannot figure out who you are.  Step forward if you’re reading this…I’m embarassed already, so at least I’d be able to thank you directly.

I'm not really a bad person...I'm just terrible at being timely...


7 thoughts on “All Apologies

  1. If there is anything we can do to help just let us know. We are always here for both of you. Send them down to us with comments and we’ll do it for you . It’s a thought
    Love you guys

  2. I can relate because I truly suck at the ‘timely’ thing. I always have the best of intentions, but, you know how that story ends.
    Maybe (if you didn’t think of it already) you could ask some of the people closest to you, if they can recall who gave you the tapas set. Because just maybe, whoever gifted it, told someone else what they had given you.
    Other than that, don’t beat yourself up over the thank yous. Yeah, Emily Post may think you’re horrible for sending them late, but you’re human.
    It’s all good!

    • Sadly, I have asked around…no luck! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some of my family members read my blog (not bloody likely!) and will know. But so far, no luck. Thanks for the kind words though…

      I am also interested in anyone who has a rat-related nick… 😉 I shall have to pop by your blog soon…

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