Over and Over

I can’t tell you how many times it happens.  There’s NOTHING on tv…well, except for that movie that you’ve seen about a million times and could perform a one-man show off-Broadway about.  Ian likes to even put on movies that we actually own.  I always say “you know…we have this movie” and he responds with “but it’s on tv!”  So of course, we have to watch it…commercials and all.

In honour of all the movies that I’ve watched so many times that I can’t keep track, here – in no particular order – are the 17 movies (or groupings of movies) that I will watch whenever they are on television…regardless of how many times I’ve seen them, or if I own the DVD.  Please note:  this is not the same as desert island movies…you know, if you’d actually have a DVD/Blu-ray player and some electricity on a desert island.

1.  Ghostbusters:  Here’s a movie that I lived my life around for a good portion of my childhood.  My first trip to NYC was a semi-successful trip to a number of the locations found in both Ghostbusters movies.  I have been holding out hope that the rumoured third movie will not destroy the franchise.  “Listen…do you smell something?”…brilliance.  Plain and simple brilliance. 

2.  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:  What really needs to be said about Ferris Bueller?  He was the epitome of everything cool…got away with murder (or at least grand theft auto)…and never felt a shred of guilt.  If we could only all have that ability!  One of the best John Hughes movies…hands down.

3.  Terminator 1 & 2:  In what is arguably James Cameron’s finest work (though Aliens is certainly up there), Terminator spawned several sequels, a television series that was cut too short, and some of Arnold’s best one liners.  I could watch the first and second installment of this series ad infinitum.

4.  Lethal Weapon (generally any of them):  It never fails.  Showcase Action, MovieTime, TBS or some other channel almost ALWAYS has a Lethal Weapon marathon once a month.  I’m pretty sure it’s a prerequisite for being a movie channel, specifically if you’re an action movie channel.  Even with Mad Mel’s highly publicized meltdowns, this is still a great series of action movies – yes, even the latter two.  One of my favourite Glover-portrayed characters.

5.  Road Warrior:  Speaking of Mad Mel, Road Warrior has to be one of the most copied post-apocalyptic styles ever (which kinda sorta borrows from A Boy and His Dog).  When South Park rips on a movie, you know it has reached its pinnacle.  Can’t wait for the post-apocalyptic world of the Mad Max series to show up one day so we can all pull out our fetish wear and have nicknames like The Humungus.

6.  The Breakfast Club:  Another Hughes classic.  It’s exactly what happens when a bunch of kids that don’t have anything in common get together.  Because deep down, aren’t we all just a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal inside?

7.  Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:  This is for some reason, my favourite installment of the quadrilogy.  Maybe because there aren’t any Nazis or aliens.  Or maybe it’s just because Mola Ram is f&$#in’ crazy!  I love this guy and the Thugee Chant.  The bugs creep me out.  I always knew the mine car would make a premium roller coaster ride.  And Short Round is a killer sidekick.  Plus, Dan Aykroyd has a cameo.  Nice.

8.  Total Recall:  Inspired by a short story by Philip K. Dick (whose work also was the basis for Minority Report, Blade Runner, and A Scanner Darkly), Total Recall is a great example of exactly what will happen when humans colonize Mars.  Arnold was awesome in the role of Quaid/Hauser.  This one also has some unforgettable lines & moments…”two weeks”, “consider it a divorce”, and just about every time Schwarzeneggar attempts to say Melina.  Stellar.

9.  Predator:  Dang…I sure watch a lot of Arnold Schwarzeneggar movies.  The thing I like about Predator is that there isn’t much background given.  They’re dropped off in the jungle…they try to fulfill their mission and bam…this nasty alien dude starts mowing them down.  Clean cut!  Love it!

10.  Pretty much anything Kevin Smith has done:  Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl, Clerks 2.  This guy just makes me giggle.  And yes…it is primarily dick and fart jokes.

11.  Original Star Wars trilogy:  Do I even need to say anything?

12.  Singles:  “I just happened to be nowhere near your neighbourhood.”  I’m not typically a Cameron Crowe fan, but this movie just clicked with me.  One of my good friends from high school lived through this movie with me multiple times…every time I see it, I think fondly of those times.  It’s like Friends for the grunge crowd…oh, but it was actually good.

13.  Silent Hill:  Easily the best video game to movie adaptation…or at least it was when it was made.  I haven’t seen too many since then.  I’ve loved Silent Hill as a game forever…don’t think I’ve finished a full game yet though…scares the bejeebers out of me.  The movie was very faithful in its environment…and I could watch this again and again just for the scene where Pyramid Head rips that broad’s skin right off.  Awesome.  Doesn’t hurt that it was filmed in Southern Ontario, and I pass the gas station in the movie on my way to the vet’s office in Simcoe.

Update:  Want to know more about my addiction to this movie?  Check it out…

14.  The Dark Knight:  Chris Nolan.  Christian Bale.  Heath Ledger.  I don’t need too many more reasons to watch this movie repeatedly…but it gives me so many more.  The opening scene alone is electric!

15.  Joe Dirt:  Oh David Spade…your hair slays me.  I have a 50% love-hate relationship with it…in other words, I hate to love it…but I love it!  It’s so horribly bad, that it’s deliciously good.  Daaaaang!

16.  Zoolander:  When it comes to dumb movies, this could possibly top even Dumb and Dumber.  This is definitely one of my guiltiest pleasures.  How can I not love it?  Breakdance fighting?  Eugoogooly?  Ambi-turner?  Blue steel?  Magnum?  They’re in the computer?!?


17.  American Psycho:  Other than the fact that I love Christian Bale and Chloe Sevigny…and the fact that I love Christian Bale…this is pretty much the movie that sealed the deal for me with Mr. Bale.  It’s got an incredible soundtrack – almost integral to the plot – but most of all, lots of campy blood and good-natured gore.  I’m certain the best scene in the movie is when Bale as Bateman poses in the mirror while having sex with…well…whoever it happens to be at the time.  I have yet to read this disturbing novel, but will eventually get to it.  Until then, I’ll just keep catching it on tv.  Oh, did I mention it had Christian Bale?

Disclaimer:  These aren’t my pictures.  They are linked to images on Google.  Don’t sue me.  After all, I’m promoting your movies people.


7 thoughts on “Over and Over

  1. Good tastes on the movies there. But your words ring true, there’s nothing interesting on T.V. anymore. The only channels I watch are Discovery and National Geo.

    Unfortunately I think tastes go in here as well, so on that note, in my country the T.V. is slowly but surely reducing the collective intelligence of the people and further turns them towards the “american” way of life.

    No disrespect intended if you hail from there.

    Anyway let’s hope that in the future we’ll see an increase in interestingly hilarious, serious plots with humor and randomly pointless but also fun movies.

    • I actually live in Canada, but we certainly get our share of American programming. I fully agree that tv is not helping the overall IQ of our society. However, I also believe that you can still have an intelligent existence even if you watch it. We just need to ensure that we’re exposing ourselves to other forms of intellectual material as well…

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