Is it just me or are some of the Freshly Pressed features not so fresh as of late?

It’s an exciting day when I’m interested in all of the articles.  There are often beautiful pictures that I gawk over – because I suck a photography myself – and articles that are well written.  But the past couple of days…sucky!  Don’t get me wrong…there’s still some good ones – but it’s like if there are 5 contributors to the selection of being FP’ed, 4 of them have been taking some time off.

Hmm…am I jealous of not being Freshly Pressed?  Perhaps.  But it’s more that I enjoy reading the posts on my breaks at work.  I look forward to the brilliant humour and art shown through the choice of these articles.  There just haven’t been so many that stand out this past week or so.  So my friends at WordPress on the FP selection crew…get on your game!  We love FP’ed!


15 thoughts on “Misled

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope my FP debut wasn’t one of the ones that disappointed you! I guess not, since you took the time to comment. Thanks for sharing the wokwagon. What a cool idea. I wish we had one in our area. Though I live close to two culinary heavens (San Francisco and Napa), the area I live in has a dearth (being kind) of good restaurants. I’m thinking if I could just convince a gourmet food truck to roam to our area, we’d be all set.

    • Nope! Loved yours! And wow…that is a great location. I live in a university town (with a huge German population – North America’s largest Oktoberfest!)…so there’s actually loads of diversity here for food. But SF and Napa would be heaven for sure…

  2. I’m glad you said this because I was thinking the same thing. Many of the articles seem like that: articles or full blown essays even and I haven’t been able to get through them on a quick work break breeze-by. I’ll look at those with pictures, some of those have been nice, but there really hasn’t been much in terms of creativity. I’ll have to check out omgyummy, though!

    Plus, and here I am stepping out of my “Yay, Moms” hat, but there seems to be a daily quota for Mommy-blogs and I don’t relate all that much to those. That’s probably where I’m envious. I wish there were blogging when I was a stay-at-home.

    • Yeah, I rarely get to read the photoessays…but then there are photos that have NOTHING attached to them either. I think I’ve been most annoyed by the “business”-ey blogs. The radio station that told us about Wyclef Jean’s new song…I was all excited to read about it, got there and said “What? This was FP’ed??!”. Meh…I’m just being picky. I think my rant about children at LEAST deserves that level of recognition. 🙂 I kid…

  3. Thanks for commenting! I’ve just recently started reading the “freshly pressed” blogs and had been feeling the same as you–some are awesome, but some made me wonder why they’d been front paged?! 😛

    A rant about children? I might have to look back through your archives!

  4. The “Freshly Pressed” system is a little… confused. The person in charge of deciding what appears on the FP page is Joy Victory, she’s the head of WordPress Editorial department. Her editorial page is here: http://editor.wordpress.com.

    If you search the WordPress Forums for “Freshly Pressed” you’ll find some of the criteria for getting on the FP page.

    Personally I prefer the more democratic Category pages. If you use categories such as “Photography” or “Photos” then your posts, when you publish them, will appear here: http://en.wordpress.com/tag/photography there’s a page for all of the ‘important’ tags and categories. Health, Entertainment and Politics are some others.

    A good way to get someone at WordPress to read your post about WordPress, by the way, is to use WordPress as a tag or category.

    • Now these are some good tips! I suppose that I’m not concerned if I ever get Freshly Pressed…but I really do enjoy being introduced to new blogs that way…and lately, they just weren’t doing it for me. I suppose I can’t win with the choices all the time…but some of them didn’t make sense. One was Freshly Pressed for listing the Emmy winners? That didn’t make sense…I could have found that on Google if I wanted… In any case, I agree about the category pages. They’re a great way to find new items you might be interested in…I’ll keep checking those too…thanks!

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