Shake It Up

Time to roll up the sleeves and slap on a fresh coat of paint (Photo credit: snicklin)


I’m really enjoying having this blog.  I love to write about…just stuff…and this allows me to do so.  I’ve actually had a bit more of a captive audience than I expected.  Found some like-minded individuals…and some whose ideas clash nicely with mine as well.  I highly recommend the experience of blogging if you’re considering tackling it. 

But those of you who have paid some attention to my blog, might notice a difference.  I decided to choose a new theme…housekeeping and mixing things up is always a good way to keep things fresh.  I might even set up a Flickr account so that I can take advantage of the coolio widget that links random images to your blog.  I suspect that this won’t be the last of the changes, as I’m playing around with the layout still, but so far, so good.  Thanks WordPress.  You sure do give me some stuff to pass the time… 

So my loyal readers…what do you think of the new theme?  One day, I might even try to create my own!


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