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 I dig WordPress.  There’s some awfully cool features for blogging.  I love the different themes you can play around with and make your own.  But there are loads of other features that I’ve been using a lot more as of late.  Such as Tag Surfer and Readomattic.  I’m particularly fond of Readomattic, as it loads all my subscribed blogs and tags into one handy-dandy spot.  However, when I’m bored, it gives me some fantastic places to check out.  I’ve discovered some interesting blogs this way – and besides, it kills some time if I’ve got nothing better to do.        

So I thought I’d take a journey with you today my loyal readers.  I thought I would do a slightly different take on the six degrees of separation, and just see how far I could go with it.  I will choose an article from my Tag Surfer (since Readomattic isn’t providing me with anything but my subscribed blogs at the moment), and I will check out the blog and let you all know about it.  From that blog, I will choose a link to a new blog, and so on.  It’s doubtful that I’ll find my way back to my own blog via some crazy act of synchronicity…serendipity…er…luck?  So I will continue until I hit six new places in the blogiverse (since I am bored of the term blogosphere).  I can only predict I’ll be bored until then anyway.         

So…off we go!        

Ugh!  Foiled already!  It appears as though none of my tags are providing me with options.  Therefore, I will select at random an article from my Readomattic (the 7th article, I think), and find a link from THAT blog.  Does that sound good?  Okay…good.        

Off we go…again!        

Destination One:  We find ourselves at a lovely little photo blog entitled Enso Monkey (thanks Ian…you were my jumping off point!).  The blog belongs to photographer Sandra Yeyati and has some stunning examples of colour!  There are many bright and wonderful images on Sandra’s page, some surreal and digitally altered…others “the perfect storm” of photography – capturing a moment so rare that it’s sometimes hard to decipher if it would have existed had she not been there to capture it in the first place.  As Sandra’s photo blog appears to be quite young, there are no links that she has selected to reside there yet, and so I select a random individual’s comment and end up at…        

Destination Two:  A World of Words…a blog by musician, writer and dreamer Sven who currently lives in San Francisco, and ironically has used the word synchronicity in his “About” page.  Or is that a little bit more serendipitous?  Sven blogs about art, inspiration, consumerism, ecology, politics, travel, and so many other things in between.  It’s difficult to put a finger on what exactly he’ll speak on next, but I’m particularly drawn to one specific post.  I’m in love with his discussion of how street music is making the planet cooler – an illustration of how live music in the streets is often a low ecological impact event and promotes a return to community.  This is a blog that must be read itself – I certainly don’t like reviewing the work of others out of context – and so, I move on to…        

Destination Three:  Something that really caught my eye…Prison Photography! Here is a photo blog (with more than just photos) by Pete Brook, an ex-pat Brit now living in Seattle offering his concerns and criticisms of the prison system in the United States and worldwide through the use of photography.  From prison “cells” in Sao Paolo, Brazil to programs for prison inmates such as organic gardening and quilting, Brook has sought out photographers and images from around the world that capture the essence of being held accountable for one’s crimes.  I appreciate the way in which controversial topics have been presented in this blog and hope to find more like it.  That said, I’m off to…        

Destination Four:  The geographer in me which is always trying to get out drew my attention to re_map – a Manchester-based pair of academics from the School of Architecture.  This blog is essentially a travelogue for Dr. Nick Dunn and Richard Brook – who I now wonder if he is connected to the previous Mr. Brook.  I’ve always been fascinated with urbanism and planning – so seeing a le Corbusier tag convinced me I was in the right place.  There are quite a few posts regarding mapping in New York City – a favourite urban location of mine since my first visit a number of years ago.  There are also some wonderful discussions of spatiality in the urban and built environment and its inherent politics.  I will certainly have to return…until then, the journey continues to…        

Destination Five:  With only limited links on this blog,  I decide to modify the rules of my journey through the blogiverse and hop backwards to Prison Photography where I find a slew of choices awaiting…including Hankblog.  Hankblog was created by staff members of the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle and heavily promotes installations and events at the Henry and throughout the Seattle arts community.  I am a fan of this use of blogging as promotion.  It is a unique way to have the thoughts and opinions of all staff members expressed equally, while allowing dialogue from the local community to be included as well.  There are scads of links, photos, pieces of art, and multimedia throughout the blog which has been quite active since August 2006.  Looks like a great little community to become involved in.  Following a link from Hankblog, I am whisked off to my final locale…        

Destination Six:  A little story entitled Getting To Know You Better.  I am interested in the author – Susanna Bluhm’s blog philosophy of getting to know the people and places surrounding her, as she states “often with a baby attached”.  As this is the blog of an artist, there are many images throughout the posts, including some of her own work.  Susanna’s blog is but a small glimpse into what appears to be a very diverse and interesting art community in Seattle.          

So…my journey is at an end.  And I certainly visited some places that I likely would never have found had I not undergone this exercise.  I have a feeling this won’t be my only six degrees trip across WordPress – my only advice to WordPress bloggers out there is to make sure that you add links to fellow bloggers whom you show appreciation for.  It will make my trips to unknown places so much easier…


10 thoughts on “Connection

  1. Seriously cool! And now the 6 degrees is looping back because I got a pingback from your post and cruised over to your lovely blog. And guess what, I know Pete Broke, the Prison Photography blogger. He’s an old buddy of mine, righteous dude with a wicked sense of humor, and of course as you can see on his blog, just insanely talented and dedicated in his chosen field. Anyway, this was so cool to be included in your experiment, I’ll be looking forward to more experiments of yours. And thanks a ton for the kind words!

    • I was so glad my experiment brought me to your site…thanks for noticing that it did. I definitely want to try it out again…it was loads of fun searching out new blogs. To be honest, the whole thing started because I do the same thing on Wikipedia and IMDB…I NEVER manage to find out what I was really looking for because I end up surfing off into the great abyss of links and connections…thanks again for stopping by to read and comment!

  2. Oh wow. I can’t tell you how nice it was to follow the ping-thingy (I’m new to this) to your site and to find your ever-so-kind review of my tiny blog. Thank you! It was fun to read about your travels to the different blogs. Sven and I bonded a few days ago, so I’m glad you chose him to visit next. Plus I learned two things: 1) Readomatic is great, and 2) I need to start linking to other people/blogs. Happy travels!

  3. Wow, this is great. You’re like a WordPress travel agent.
    I’ve looked at Blog Surfer and Readomatic before but haven’t spent much time there. I’ll have to check it out. I think I’ll start with your picks, which sound great.

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