I Wanna Be Sedated

I’m stressed.  You can tell, because I haven’t even been blogging.  In fact, I’m so disappointed in the lack of writing I’ve been doing, that you should go check out Ian’s latest article.  It’s about McDonald’s advertising.  You’ll love it.  Go.  I’ll be here when you get back, I promise.

Okay, so done?  Good…

So here’s my current state.  I haven’t been feeling well lately.  I’m pretty sure it’s because of the stress.  And the stress is from a few different sources.  Let me lay them out for you…

1)  Money.  Yeah, okay, everyone gets stressed about money.  But I’m getting to where I’m losing sleep over it again.  I attended a “Managing your Money” seminar this week at work.  I felt sick at the end of it.  They discussed how to save money by cutting out things like daily coffee and donut, cases of beer, etc.  Well, I don’t have a daily coffee and donut, and I don’t drink beer.  Now what?  Should I just stop buying my insulin?  My brother told me I should probably take out an extra life insurance policy if I decided to do that.  So I’m going to meet with a financial advisor on Tuesday.  Let’s hope he can give me some tailored advice that I can work with.  At the very least, I’ve been able to finally open a registered and non-registered pair of savings accounts for my retirement and other stuff.  That makes me feel better.  But that still won’t pay off my OSAP!

2)  Work.  I think everyone gets stressed about work too.  I’m feeling a little out-of-place there at the moment.  I’m not sure how I’m fitting in, and sometimes don’t feel like my efforts are appreciated or recognized.  I’m sure we’ve all gone through it at some point or another, but maybe I just need a new assignment or something.  Sort of give me a refresh.

3)  Neighbours.  Ugh.  This might be where I’m most stressed.  Ian recently crafted as politically correct as possible of a complaint to our landlord regarding the noise of our upstairs neighbours.  While they are miles ahead of some previous tenants that lived upstairs, they are still pretty disruptive.  It’s not like they’re having parties or anything…they just can’t keep control of their “angel” of a child.  Here’s another really good rant from Ian about our situation.

4)  The waiting game.  Oh lord, this is the one that if it goes my way, will solve all of the above issues.  Some of you may know that I came across a job opportunity back in July (thanks Andrew!) up in Nunavut.  What you might not know is that I received a call about it this week.  I wasn’t offered an interview…yet.  First I was given an assignment to complete within 24 hours in order to display my skills in GIS and cartography.  Well, let’s just say that outside of every technical issue known to man (e.g. program crashes, glitches, not being able to install programs, programs not running when installed, not finding appropriate data, etc.), I managed to create the desired map, and submit it (with an approved extension due to my computer issues…*sigh*).  I suspect I’ll be hearing from them sometime this week regarding whether or not I’ll be invited to interview further for the position, but man…is this going to be a tough wait.  The thing is, this position could help solve all my woes listed above…and so many more.  It would give me more money to help pay down debt and save for the future.  It would give me a job that not only allows me to be in the career path that I trained and spent thousands of dollars of schooling for, but that I know I could flourish in.  It would give me an out from these neighbours!  Yes, I know, new opportunities always provide other problems, but when you’re able to pay off debt, those other challenges are often a lot easier.

So there you have it folks.  A pitiful excuse for why I haven’t been writing, I know.  But there is a lot of turmoil going on right now, so it might be a while before the creative juices get flowing from brain to fingers to keyboard to blog.  Time to go do some laundry.  Oh, and if you haven’t read Ian’s articles, get your butts back up to those links up there and do it!  Doooooooo it!


16 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Sedated

  1. I hate when classes, articles, etc. give advice that doesn’t help you. For example, to lose weight, stop drink soda and drink water. I already don’t drink soda and only drink water. So frustrating!

    Good luck with your job search! I hope you get a call soon!

    • Yeah, that’s an annoying “advice” pet peeve that I have. But I have to admit, the whole soda thing is true. When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I switched from regular to diet pop and it ended up helping me lose something like 30 pounds. Amazing! Fingers and toes are crossed!

  2. Oh my gosh! You say, “thank you muchly.” I thought only my kids and I said that.

    And you’re a GIS rat, too. Small world.

    • Not always, but sometimes I like the way it sounds.

      And yes…loooove geography…love GIS. You’re not the first GISer I’ve found on here…there have been a few GISers that I’ve run into in the blogging world…I guess we’re just a really opinionated bunch that likes to be heard. 😉

  3. Oh, good luck with the job wait/search. Hopefully something will come through soon! And also with the neighbors. I did make my downstairs neighbor some cookies as a “sorry about the impending screaming newborn and thanks for understanding” offering. Living with your own kids can be challenging enough, never mind living under someone else’s! Thanks for reminding me that I need to really be sensitive to the noises which I am more or less used to.

    • Well…we actually met with the neighbours this evening. It went much better than expected, and we have a strategy for trying to keep their son a little quieter. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it works…but at least we know that we’re all sort of on the same side. Phew!

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