An Open Letter to Female Republican Politicians

Dear crazies whackos female Republican politicians Christine O’Donnell,    

I thought I wanted to write to all female Republican politicians, but it turns out, I just want to address you, Ms. O’Donnell.   

Let me begin by saying I am concerned for you.  Perhaps I am not qualified to judge your beliefs and platforms – seeing as how I’m a Canadian – but when you put yourself in the public light and want to lead people, your beliefs and platforms become public domain.  I’m an outsider here, so maybe the windows I’m looking in through are a little dirty.  I would like to apologize for perhaps not understanding all of the issues at hand, as I don’t always keep up to date with the latest political pundits, but I’ll do my best to express my concerns.    

Let me continue by saying congratulations for being female and breaking into such a man’s domain.  It’s difficult to be taken seriously in certain areas, and I suspect politics is one of the most difficult.  You have to shout twice as loud to be heard half as well.    

So, maybe that explains what’s going on with you.   

Maybe I’m in the minority, but your viewpoints are…strange, to put it nicely.  I don’t like to throw the word crazy around all willy-nilly, but it seems to me that you attract it.  Crazy is being called home.  Yeah, there sure are a lot of generally crazy male politicians out there as well, so perhaps it just goes with the territory.  Passion could be seen as insanity.  It could happen.    

However, I’m just not so sure.  You are quite outspoken about your feelings about a myriad of subjects.  Abortion…homosexuality…climate change…masturbation…wait, what?  When did masturbation become a topic even remotely related to politics?  I guess that would be since you, Ms. O’Donnell, brought it to the political table.  So here’s where I draw the line.  When politics enter my bedroom.   

See this line? I drew it.


I don’t tell you what you can do in your bedroom, and you stay out of mine.  And by the sounds of your history, I don’t want you in mine.  You see, I didn’t need religion to lead a relatively morally conscious life.  I just had a little bit of self-respect.  And to tell you the truth, if I did have a history of morally questionable acts, I sure wouldn’t feel the need to come up with some legislation to govern everyone else’s lives.  I guess that maybe you feel as though you have a lot of repenting to do to make up for those early college years, and of course, your fledgling high school career in witchcraft.   

Perhaps you should be thankful for Sarah Palin’s endorsement of your campaign.  You know, considering everything with her daughter’s status as an unwed mother and all.  Of course Miss Palin is now a pro-abstinence spokesperson too, so that must make things alright in your eyes.  Nothing like being unwavering in your beliefs.    

I suppose I’m not surprised about your other beliefs:   

  • Anti-abortion – yeah, no surprise there.  Most pro-abstinence advocates are anti-abortion.  You’d think that it would make more sense to be pro-education, especially since pro-choice does not equal pro-abortion…it just equals…uh…you know…pro-choice.
  • Fiscal integrity – wow.  This one was a bit of a shocker.  You said in a press conference that “voting to spend money we don’t have has become the appealing option for too many politicians.  The men and women of America know this is not sustainable.”  It just sounds a little strange coming from someone who has had so many difficulties paying back their student loans, mortgage, back taxes and campaign debt.  But whatever…I get it.  I know what it’s like to be in debt.
  • Anti-climate change legislation – you unfortunately have uprooted one of the only Republican Senatorial candidates with a pro-environment stance in your win over Mike Castle in Delaware.  This is scary, because it appears as though anyone else who used to have a green bone in their body has decided they don’t need to fight for their environmental beliefs anymore, including John McCain.  Here’s why I care about this…environmental legislation does not just affect Delaware.  It doesn’t even just affect your country.  It affects the entire world, and considering I live north of the border, it’s good when I can confidently say that I know American emissions are reduced as they tend to float right up through my neck of the woods.  I don’t care if people believe what the climate change doomsayers are saying, this is a matter for the entire world to decide.  We will all live with the consequences, and if you deny that the average temperatures of the world are climbing just because of a few e-mails that were leaked (and consequently cleared of misconduct), then you need to remove your head from your ass.  I don’t want to live with the consequences of your decision, thank you very much.
  • Homosexuality – you believe that homosexuals suffer from an “identity disorder“?  Well, I suppose this falls in line with your thoughts that evolution is just a theory after all, and you simply must be correct since “god” did speak to you

I’m sorry, I just can’t hold it in anymore.  Ms. O’Donnell, you are batshit crazy.  There, I said it.  And I really don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way.  I believe you are single-handedly leading the charge back into the dark ages.  I won’t be surprised when I hear that there have been some witches burned at the stake in Delaware.  

Source: Google image search


Kindest regards,


18 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Female Republican Politicians

  1. Hello…

    While I pretty much agree with you on what you wrote to Christine O’Donnell the issue of homosexuality is another matter. While I don’t want the govt. in my bedroom or anybody else’s for that matter {hence I’m not in favor laws of discriminating against Gays} I also don’t believe that the Father above {or the goddess if you prefer} made em that way.

    First off homosexuality is a dead end since same sex partners can’t reproduce with each other which is after all the end result of mating in the first place. So it would seem to me {at least} that the Father above or Mother Nature would at worst be flat out stupid or at best incompetent due to a mild form of dementia by creating homosexuality.

    Second off Audubon magazine published an article back in the mid to late nineteen nineties which related how scientists had discovered how pesticides like DDT break down into estrogen like compounds. When they began to notice male birds in the wild attempting to mate with other male birds which was totally against their nature.

    They even reproduced the effect in the laboratory.

    What these scientists discovered was that the birds who ate insects contaminated with DDT didn’t have their own sexuality reversed. But because DDT builds up in the liver where it breaks down into the estrogen like compounds, already mentioned, it managed to reverse the sexual orientation in their resulting offspring. In the same manor that a human female fetus will develop her mind and brain in the male mode if she is exposed an abnormal amount of testosterone while in her mothers womb.

    Take care and I look forward to exploring your blog…

    • Welcome! I appreciate a little controversy every once in awhile, so thanks for commenting.

      I’d definitely be interested in reading that article, however, I’m not 100% that it applies to the human condition 100% of the time. Homosexuality is not new…pesticide use would not have affected early Greek civilizations where homosexuality was well recorded. As well, I don’t believe that humans are “mating” as homosexuals per se. The goal of a homosexual sexual relationship is not one of procreation, but of intimacy and sharing between the partners. One also has to look at those couples who, despite their proper parts, cannot reproduce. Would these couples be advised they are having an “identity crisis” simply based on the fact that their pairing did not produce any offspring?

      I do not wish to use this particular post as a platform to air my beliefs or thoughts on religion – I may save that for a future post. However regardless of who or what you believe is responsible for this great rock we inhabit, there is a purpose for everything and every being on it. Those of us who do not produce offspring – be it by choice, by no choice we could possibly make, or by the simple fact of not having an attraction to an individual who could help us reach that goal – are an important part of life on this planet, as we are a form of population control. Overpopulation is going to eventually crash our societies, so someone has to hold back on the procreation.

      Since some religious circles toss around the notion that all creatures are God’s creation (of whatever religion you might subscribe to), I’m hard pressed to agree that homosexuality wasn’t part of “the plan” if using that logic. I do certainly appreciate your viewpoint – especially the fact that you didn’t bring any homophobia to the table. Discussions are so much easier when there is no hidden animosity lurking about.

      • Well, homosexuality has come in various forms, but if you look at it from an evolutionary standpoint, it simply does not make sense.

        The whole point of sexual orientation is to further prolong ones genes and species. The male mind is attracted to the female body simply because large breasts and curvaceous hips and thighs are needed in child birth and sustaining the life of offspring. It’s hardwired into our brains, and can even be mathematically/scientifically proven with the Golden Number Phi, Golden Ratios, etc.

        So when members of the same sex are attracted to each other, there are questions that must be raised. If it were to be so natural, than why are straight men who are continuously raped in prison so prone to “convert” to homosexuality? Why are twin males separated at birth,one to a normal family and one to a family containing only women and feminine media, have different orientations? Homosexuality is psychological at most, and do have biological factors as well (including the high estrogen levels in foods that affect ones brain and reproductive organs, etc), but it’s not naturally reoccurring, or purposeful in Evolution. It simply serves no evolutionary purpose whatsoever.

        • Thanks for your comments!

          I disagree that male attraction to the female reproductive parts is hardwired into all male brains the same way. I also do not disagree that there are those who through environmental or social conditions choose to engage in sexual activity with members of the same sex – however this is certainly the minority. There is certainly “psychological” homosexuality in the example of prison. However, this is not an attempt at attraction or reproduction, but of assertion, power and dominance. I do not know of any examples of individuals leaving the prison system and “converting” to homosexuality, so I can’t fully comment on that. Actually, I find it more common to see examples of individuals fighting their nature and hiding their homosexuality because they think it might be considered abnormal by others. What about male children who grew up in predominently male environments with strong male role models that discover that they are actually gay?

          It is true that homosexuality does not further the cause of evolution – however, as I mentioned before – I do not believe it is intended to.

          • Well, science proves that homosexuality is indeed abnormal. However, don’t get me wrong; I DO NOT believe that homosexuality defines a person. I have several gay friends who all know my position on what they’re doing in bed and what I think of homosexuality. One used to be the vocalist in my old band. Another (his ex-boyfriend) designs electric guitars and we jam every once in a while. One can be a great person or a terrible person, regardless of their sexual orientation.

            Now think of this: if someone is straight. Has an attraction towards girls and hopes one day to get a wife and start a family. One day he rolls with the wrong crowd and is sent to prison. In prison, he’s raped continuously, has an orgasm from his attacker’s penis hitting his prostate (which I’ve heard is equivalent to hitting a girl’s G-spot) and finds that he is no longer attracted to girls. Is this natural and “OK”?

            As for the male children growing up in predominantly male environments with strong male role models (chances of that are low), think of this: this kid might be suffering from self-esteem issues. He realizes that he’s not as tough as his dad and brothers, and girls constantly reject him and keep him in the Friend-Zone because he’s not manly enough. What does he do? He submits to cognitive dissonance and chooses to go for males. I’ve seen this happen many times (my guitar-designing friend has an over-bearing, steroid using father; I believe he’s got that same issue), which drives me to believe that homosexuality is psychological, it’s mental.

            • Your example of a man in prison “becoming” gay because of sexual experiences is likely not due to pleasure…but due to the emotional and psychological associations with the act. Regardless, I still don’t know of any examples of that happening…so it’s hard to work on hypotheticals.

              Do you have an answer for the children who grow up in a perfectly normal household with a good balance on both their male and female influences? How do they end up discovering that they are homosexual?

              I guess my question for you is in regards to how you go about your relationships with your gay friends? You said they know of your opinion…do they agree? Disagree? Consider your thoughts? Do you discuss this often? Or is it something that you rarely touch on?

              • OK, forget the prison example. Obviously, you’re not getting my point.

                For the children who grow up in a “perfectly normal household with a good balance of their male and female influences:” Did their parents control what they were watching/playing with? My parents realized that I played with my cousins’ Barbie dolls. I lived with my aunt, grandmother, grandfather, uncle (both ex-Military) and mother. They realized what was going on and gave me my favorite toy of all: a G.I. Joe. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for that; I’m straighter than a ruler 🙂

                My gay friends can’t care any less what I think. They know my opinions.We jam and play small, crappy concerts with other friends. It’s simply not an issue with us.

  2. Interesting stuff, first off, Christine O’Donnell makes Sharron Angel, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann sound normal. Not easy to do since they are nuts.

    As for homosexuality, I believe that people are born that way, it is not a choice. I don’t believe that being raped in prison and maybe enjoying it makes you turn to homosexuality. You may just enjoy anal play, but you are born in my opinion and there is some scientific fact that backs that up.

    • Yeah, I think it was your post about Sharron Angel that I read…she seems a little on the scary side as well. Haven’t heard much about Michelle Bachmann though…I’ll have to look into what she’s all about. And Ms. Palin…Sarah, Sarah, Sarah…what can I say that hasn’t already been said?

  3. …well the comments became a discussion in their own rite. i enjoyed reading this. too bad our politics are so crazy that she is still considered a viable republican voice. or is it the tea party? that’s where they repackage the super wacko republicans as patriots now

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