Out on the Weekend

Yeah. This is the kind of week I’ve been having.

Now that the weekend is here, it’s kind of a downer.  I was going to go to Niagara Falls for the weekend to visit with some friends, but that didn’t end up panning out.  Which is fine…I do have some other things to do…responsibility type things.  Laundry…perhaps some sort of organizational type of task.  Oh, and Ian and I rented a bunch of movies last night.  Some Monty Python (Life of Brian and Holy Grail)…Night Watch (this one, not this one)…Trick R’ Treat…and The Experiment – which is a remake of Das Experiment – which I loved.  I guess the mix of movies should prove interesting.

We’ve also got to go and find some DVD-R-‘s…not DVD-R+’s…we have so much crap on the PVR right now that we might not be able to record Glee and Fringe this week without losing something else we’ve been storing for far too long.  So it’s time to start transferring stuff to our more permanent collection.  I’m not necessarily looking forward to the process, since our DVD recorder requires that we watch every bit of the 20 or so movies we have to transfer in order to record them.  But hey…we saved them for a reason, so I could probably just cancel the satellite for the next couple weeks and just watch them.

I had thoughts of giving the cats a bath again this weekend too.  On that note, I think I’d better leave the house before I think of something else really, really, really stupid to do.

Hope you all have some more exciting things to do this weekend.  If you do, please share them…I am often forced to live vicariously through others!


8 thoughts on “Out on the Weekend

  1. The guys I work with think my weekends are pretty lame. But after working from 7am to 7:30 pm four nights a week and ten hours on Friday I’m gonna spend the weekend writing on my computer no matter what…:)

    • I quite liked it actually. I was surprised…wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I’d heard good things so I thought I’d give it a try. I typically like the Tales from the Crypt style of storytelling…but I was even more pleasantly surprised that the stories in Trick R’ Treat overlapped so much. Looooooved little Sam…that’s got to be one of the best creepy kid Halloween costumes ever. My husband suggested that it’d be a great movie to actually watch ON Halloween – it’s fun, campy and while typical of the genre, had some interesting twists. Have you seen it? If not, check it out…

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