Still Waiting

Tick tock…tick tock… (Source: Chris Gilbert,

Oh oh, Suzanne…what are you being so impatient about now?   

Well…glad you asked.  Since I’m still in southern Ontario, you can assume that I still haven’t heard about the whole Nunavut thing.  Nope…it will be two weeks since the interview on Thursday – when I heard I’d hear within two weeks, I immediately made the assumption that I’d hear by October 14, so I think maybe I was right about that.  But while I’m waiting, here’s how I’ve been spending my time:    

1.     Imagining the thousands of ways that my car is going to pay me back for the letter I wrote to it.  I predict my car will tear itself apart, piece by piece on the highway while I am driving to work one day.  Or maybe I just need to get my tires rebalanced.    

2.     Watching the price of gas go up, as the level in my gas tank goes down.    

3.     Waiting for payday to arrive so that I will be one step closer to achieving disposable income once the bills are paid.  Though, I am of the belief that disposable income is a myth.  Like the Sasquatch.    

4.     Having extremely bizarre dreams.  Related to the waiting.  I dreamed that I got the job.  Then I got into my car to drive to Iqaluit (yes, I tried to drive to an island in my dream) and it shut down – effectively ruining my chances at making it there.  Now do you understand why I spend so much time on item 1?  Also, Jeremy Piven was in my dream last night.  I don’t know why he was there.  I don’t really recall what happened, I just remember he was there.  Seems like a nice enough chap.    

5.     Pursuing other job opportunities.  You never know, right?  Gotta have back up plans.    

6.     Enjoying Ian’s delicious meals and treats…chocolate chunk cookies…eggs, home fries and tomato brunch on the weekend…rice and Mexican-inspired beans…yummers!    

7.     Taking in the fall colours around these parts.  I was going to try to get out to get some pictures this weekend, but it rained on Saturday.  Then I realized my batteries were close to dying and didn’t feel like getting new batteries on Sunday.    

8.     Playing dominoes with Ian at my aunt’s house.  A rousing game of dominoes is just the ticket to keep your mind off of things.  It can be an incredibly crass game where many F-bombs are dropped, and my aunt and I call each other inappropriate things.  But Ian won the last round anyhow, so all our insults were unfounded.  Apparently we should have been directing them at Ian.  😉   

Yeah.  My life rules.  You know you’re jealous…


17 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Auuugh, why do people always give those estimates of when you’ll hear from them? I’ve never known anyone to make that deadline.

    I’ll send good karma. Send back cookies.

      • Was just getting my list together for The Jolie’s Canadian tour. I’m hoping to get that going in late December or Early January. She’s got a few stops scheduled and I’m trying to stay way ahead now that she’s on the road again. I’ll shoot y’all a note in a little while with the plan.

  2. Based on the experiences of those around me, those post-interview feedback times are getting longer and longer these days. No news is good news, though. It means you’re in the running and maybe someone in HR is on vacation.
    Was there alcohol involved in the dominoes?

    • As a friend of mine says…”things move slowly in the north”. And I know that they’re doing all interviews now by phone which equals time consuming…flying people in at minimum $1200 return trip isn’t exactly feasible methinks. But yeah, I agree with no news being good news.

      And no…no alcohol with the dominoes. That’s just the way we roll…

  3. I’ve also been doing #2….On your list that is….LOL
    You KNOW i’m going to tell you to follow through with #7 before your chance is gone for the season. Its fleeting my friend. Just get the darned batteries! Also, cloudy days make for better color.

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