Everything is Everything

You know those times when you review the pictures on your camera while transferring them to your computer?  The times where you think to yourself, “just what was I trying to capture here?”  Yeah, well, I had one of those moments.  There were so many random images on my camera for this most recent transfer that I decided it might be appropriate to comment on some of them.  And what random post would be complete without new pictures of my kitties?  Not this one, obviously…

So first stop on our visual journey is a tribute to a few of my blends (that’s right blog friends…that’s your new name).  Oma, Hippie…and all of the other candy corn fiends…look at what I found at my local bulk foods store…

That's right. Blackberry Cobbler Candy Corn.

It also appears as though Ian has been snapping shots of the kitties again while I’m at work…or at home.  Either way…my cats rule.

Brit practicing her shrimp impersonation

Jemaine was probably trying to climb the couch cushions...but then fell asleep mid-climb. That's a very Jemaine thing to do.

About a week or so ago, we had a very delicious stir fry.  I remember being excited about it and wanting to take a picture.  Usually I only take pictures of meals that we make using food from our garden, but this isn’t the case here.  I don’t know what I wanted this picture for.  But it was really good anyway.

Delicious AND vegetarian...

Speaking of our garden, we have recently come to the conclusion that we will likely not be harvesting much more from it.  Here’s the last haul from some of our larger plants…

Butternut squash just in time for Thanksgiving...and watermelon. We actually grew watermelon!

Finally, earlier this week I was coming in from a long day at work.  As I was walking up the walkway that runs between our house and our neighbour’s fence to get the mail, I noticed this…

Appropriate...n'est ce pas?

This came on the heels of so many announcements of the suicides of teens and young adults in the LGBT community in recent weeks.  It made me sad when I thought of all the senseless loss…but then comes hope.  The rainbow – such an appropriate symbol – is hope.  It’s a sense of renewal.  A feeling of a clean slate after the rains fall.  I have had many good friends who have had to struggle with their own identities…and still others who have finally embraced who they are.  My only hope for all of us is that we accept and embrace these individuals who might be different from us because he happens to like a boy…or she happens to like a girl…or he realized that he really is a she.  We are all human.  It’s maddening when we don’t act that way to our fellow humans.

The night I saw the rainbow, there was a very appropriate episode of Glee broadcast…the struggle of Kurt to – as a homosexual – express that he cannot believe in a god or follow a religion that caused him to be gay.  So poignant and timely.  And it made me think that just like the rainbow…there is hope to be had.  We will see this struggle through…

Yeah…I’m a Gleek.  What of it!


16 thoughts on “Everything is Everything

  1. I just returned from a long trip to South America. One of my friends took his camera and he photographed EVERTHING he ate….EVERYTHING. I can’t only imagine the photo albums he has at home 🙂 I gotta confess….i might have more than a few shots of our cats floating around on my memory cards…. gotta love the cats!

  2. Anything with cats and rainbows I’m down with for certain and very good point along w/ the rainbow. I hope the terrible things happening will stop soon. The bashings were awful and that poor young man who killed himself. Still, I hope the judge won’t throw the book too hard at the young folks who streamed him, b/c being young and thoughtless, they prolly had no idea what would happen. I suspect what they did was the icing on a cake that had been baking for a long time.

    • Very true. However, the legality of sharing anything online that does not belong to you, or is recorded without permission should come with a harsh sentence. People need to learn that you can’t just go around sharing other people’s personal items all willy nilly.

      I could survive forever on a diet of cats and rainbows. Figurately speaking of course.

    • I had wondered who would be the first to note the ripeness of them. However, the unfortunate thing about the bulk store is the scoops used to gather the produce are not friendly to the fragile stuff. The candy corn may have fallen victim to them.

  3. That candy corn is so weird. It almost looks like a photo negative of traditional candy corn. Have you tried it? How does it taste?

    That rainbow is awesome. I loved that episode of Glee. Kurt’s version of I Want to Hold Your Hand was amazing.

  4. This post started out with me thinking “I bet blackberry cobbler candy corn is infinitely better than the original,” moved to “ooh that stir fry does look good,” jumped to “hmm how are they going to keep that squash all the way to thanksgiving” and ended on “wow…how poignant. And they put that on network TV?” Which is what made it so fantastic. I will definitely have to Hulu that episode. What has been going on with those kids is beyond words. I have friends who have expressed the same sentiment of struggling to follow a religion that condemns their nature and I have Christian friends who sweep their nature under the rug of “sin.” I usually end up in lengthy debates with those friends.

    • I don’t know what it is about Glee that makes me love it so…I’m a 32 year old woman for crying out loud…but I feel for them I guess. Growing up is hard work…so many struggles…I guess even the popular kids have issues…

      Oh, and no worries about saving the squash…we Canucks had our Thanksgiving this weekend…though we didn’t even save the squash for Thanksgiving…my husband made this amazing squash mash shortly after we picked them…yummy!

  5. I’m so sorry I’ve been remiss in reading. Life is somewhat hectic at the moment. I like this blend thing. It’s kinda cool. I like the candy corn, too. I saw something similar this weekend, but I forget the flavor. Along side it were sunflower seeds coated in colors that made them look like candy corn.

    The rainbow – how fitting. The universe is amazing.

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