I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I have been inspired.  Ms. Hippie Cahier has challenged us out here in the blogiverse to share with the world the search terms used that have led people to our little corner of it.  I took a look at the my history and was a little shocked…a wee bit confused…and kind of frightened.

This is a real search that led people to me. What??

Because of the whole exercise, I think I’m just going to start doing some random Google searches now and specifically seek out WordPress blogs just so that I can pad some search stats in strange ways.  Might make for some interesting finds as well…

But first…a list of how people seem to be finding me these days…

1.     As I sit here listening to Kim Mitchell’s “I Am a Wild Party”, I am reminded of the primary way that people seem to be hunting me down lately.  All things Oktoberfest!  I’ve been found by:

  • good drinking oktoberfest in kitchener
  • oktoberfest is here again lyrics
  • what does this mean ein prosit, ein prosit
  • how many people does the concordia club hold

I think that some of the seekers must have been disappointed as I was not a source of good drinking, nor the lyrics to “Oktoberfest is Here Again” (save for the first two lines).  I also did not answer how many people the Concordia Club holds – though I did provide a link to the club.  But…I did provide the meaning to the “Ein Prosit” beer rally cry, so hey…maybe I did help someone out.

2.     A number of people have been looking for information on Republicans…boooy…did they ever come to the wrong place.  Though, perhaps it was the right kind of info they were seeking based on the following search terms:

  • michele bachmann witch
  • crazy male politicians
  • stupid republican demotivational poster
  • female republican

They all brought my visitors to my open letter to Christine O’Donnell

3.     Some people are looking for information about movies.  And I certainly love to talk about those.  Here’s some examples:

  • “hit girl”
  • silent hill armless man
  • yvonne ng silent hill
  • chloe moretz

So I suspect that they were either brought here or here.

4.    There were a number of random things that people were looking for as well.  Some of which leads me to believe that there are some really deranged interesting people out there searching the internet for information.  I really can’t explain this any better…so here’s what people have been looking for:

  • pickles as weapons
  • “it’s different when it’s your own”
  • weekends
  • waiting to clock out
  • cats getting attacked by rats
  • i want female letter friends in american country i want p.o. box numbers

I would like to address these one at a time:

  • I’m not sure I’d like to meet the person who wants to use pickles as weapons…pickles are wonderful and should not be used for evil.
  • What’s different when it’s your own?  This is just so random.
  • Who needs to do a Google search for weekends?  What would even come up???  As a matter of fact, I need to do a search to find out.  Oh…okay…
  • I can only hope that someone is waiting to clock out of work…and not…something more permanent…
  • Cats getting attacked by rats?  That’s just crazy talk.  Is this really happening?  Enough to need to search Google to find out what to do?
  • As for the last one, I don’t know how they found my blog using those search terms.  Especially since I am not “a female letter friend”, “in american country” nor do I own a P.O. box.  In fact, this person scares me a little.

5.     Finally, someone plugged “massively attacked she is just a rat” into the ol’ Google search…which means that someone was specifically looking for me!  Wow!  Who’da thunk it possible?

This concludes my submission to the Hippie Cahier Algonquin Experiment.


13 thoughts on “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

  1. Hmmm…pickles as weapons? I read a story on the Internet last week about a lady in the western United States who used a freshly picked zucchini to whack a bear over the head with…it ran away…


  2. That is interesting. Google searches that led to my blog were Halloween costumes, my blog name specifically, heart valve, disturbing sleep, and husband. The most disturbing search terms I found were “naked female photo & naked photo”. I have neither on my blog. That’s kinda scary. 😉 great post!

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