Dream Weaver

The other night, Ian and I finally watched the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street starring Mr. Jackie Earle Haley.  I have since determined that Jackie Earle is quite possibly my new Kevin Spacey – the man who will creep me out in my dreams.  Oh, and not in a “I just watched A Nightmare on Elm Street, so I’m freaked out about Fred Krueger” kind of way…more in a “It’s Jackie Earle Haley and he’s a creepy sumbitch” kind of way.  This guy seems like he’d be a real cool guy to hang out with…until he does that voice he does.  Yikes.

Dear Jackie Earle Haley, this is about as creepy as I can stand you – half naked and hanging out with Will Ferrell who’s wearing very short 70s-style basketball shorts. Oh, and maybe hold back on that thing you do with your voice. Thanks. Your friend, She Is Just A Rat (Source: Google image search)

Anyway, watching the movie got Ian and I into a conversation about dreams.  We started talking about those annoying things that always happen in dreams…so hey…why not write a post about them?

I have had some very odd dreams in my lifetime.  There’s one theme of dreams that I’ve had that keeps reoccurring.  I dream of a plane crash in slow motion.  I’m always on the ground watching the plane circle in the sky around where I’m standing.  I see the plane slowly descend until it crashes into a fireball near me.  I can hear the roaring of the descent.  But there is only silence once the plane crashes.  I don’t understand what the dream means, but I have seen this extremely vivid vision approximately four times that I can recall.  Which means that I’ve likely had this dream many more times and I just cannot remember it.

 In any case…here is my compendium of the many things that happen in dreams that drive you completely nuts and cause panic…

  1. Trying to scream when no sound comes out.
  2. Trying to speak when no sound comes out.
  3. Pulling the Looney Tunes classic running in place move – particularly annoying when you’re being chased.
  4. Coming to a door with no handle.
  5. Opening a door to find the other side is empty/bricked up/leading to nowhere/complete and total darkness.
  6. Falling.  Forever.
  7. Recurring dreams that you’d prefer not to have.
  8. Non-recurring dreams when you’d prefer to have them.
  9. Running away from someone.
  10. Seeing someone in your dream that you swear you know, but don’t.  In actuality, you may not know the person, but you’ve seen them.  Your brain can only dream about what it’s observed, so it may just be someone you’ve passed on the street.
  11. Having your teeth fall out.
  12. Being naked/partially clothed when the situation clearly does not call for it.
  13. Being late for something.
  14. Quitting/losing your job and forgetting that it did not actually happen when you wake up – I was actually shocked one day when I went into work and saw someone there whom I had dreamed was fired the night before.
  15. Hearing a song in your dream and waking up to find the same song is playing on the radio – but seemingly several hours passed between hearing the song in your dream and waking up.
  16. Having a dream that feels so real that you actually believe it happened.
  17. Referring to events of the dream in #16 and then realizing that it was in fact, only a dream.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some, so help me out here…

Did you know that the body has mechanisms in place to paralyze you while you dream?  It’s likely so that you don’t act out what you’re dreaming.  Course, that doesn’t explain why in dreams where you’re falling that you sometimes wake up with a jolt as you try to right yourself from the fall.


21 thoughts on “Dream Weaver

  1. I’ve had a number of dreams where I’ve been shot, stabbed or hurt in some serious way yet felt no pain. In fact my biggest concern in the dream was not letting my mother find out I was hurt.

    Go figure. ;p

  2. I can take an Ambien and experience about 10 of the things on your list, without a doubt, within an hour of falling asleep. 🙂

    • I’ve never had an Ambien. I did however take Cymbalta for a really messed up nerve condition and oh the dreams I had on that. Vivid, life-sucking, horrifying visuals. Those were the best dreams I ever had!

  3. Did you know that the song “Dream Weaver” was part of Craven’s inspiration for Krueger (according to Wikipedia, at least)? Also, it reminds me of Mr. Show.
    One weird dream thing is the amount of time which can pass in between snooze alarm rings. Sometimes it seemed like hours had passed instead of a mere 9 minutes.

  4. That is a very thorough list. Good work putting that together, and 5-6 of them happen to me (and I think most people) regularly. I’ve had #16 quite a few times, and last year and the beginning of this year, I actually dreamed of a few things that actually came true. Not serious stuff – I would dream of a particular teevee show episode or some obscure song I haven’t heard in years, and in the next few days that episode would be on teevee, or that song on the jukebox at the bar. I also used to occasionally sleepwalk, and have issues with sleep paralysis. Weird, and scary stuff. One time I was staying in a hotel in california, and I slepwalked across the parking lot to the fence near the interstate. I woke up standing next to the interstate in my underwear. And while I was wandering across the parking lot – I was dreaming – about having to use the restroom and not being able to find one.

    • It would appear that you seem to have some deeper powers there. Perhaps you influence the airwaves?

      I was told once while at Brownie camp that I was sleepwalking…I walked into the main hallway in our cabin and asked a question of my “mom”. Course, they embarassed me completely when they let everyone know I did it. Man, kids are cruel. But I suppose your experience is why they have fences near interstates.

  5. What about the dream where you’re back in school, and you forgot to go to class all semester, so you can’t take your final and you can’t graduate?

    P.S. My dad used to teach elementary school. One day, a kid raised his hand and asked, “Mr. Pack, you ever dream you’re swimming and you wake up and the bed’s wet?”

    • That is true…I think I’ve had that one. I remember dreaming about getting a job at a grocery store and having them throw me on the cash register with no training. What a disaster! Same theme as the whole “I skipped a whole semester of school” type of dream. I suppose it all has to do with inadequacy?

      Wow…that kid’s brave for sharing such an embarassing dream!

  6. Somehow I always get caught up in the most ridiculous areas when I am dreaming. For example my own kitchen has been attached to the office I work in and the field of my local football club is then just outside of the door. All people I know, even the ones that never ever met each other, are all best friends and know each other. Most of the time I wake up so confused that I can’t really make any sense of my dreams. This can be a little frightning, because the thoughts about it keep running through my mind all day. And this is always coming back to me again. Dreaming about the weirdest areas I am ‘living in’. Although I know all places, how they combine makes no sense at all.

  7. Ah, dreams. One of my pet subjects 🙂
    There was a time when I actually looked forward to going to sleep just cos of the fantastic dreams I used to get, the vivider the better, though admittedly some of them were rather horrifying, especially the one where I and all my erstwhile school friends went to a spooky island on a canoe and all of them were brutally killed one by one until I was the only one left!
    I get recurring dreams about trying to throw a ball, but I just don’t have the strength in my arm to get it over the net. Also about sitting for a math/physics exam and not recalling a SINGLE thing. Then there’s the one about trying to get to the airport on time, only to encounter so many hurdles on the way that I inevitably miss my flight!
    Fun times 🙂
    The ones I really hate are when someone close to me dies in my dream and I’m howling with pain and grief so intense that I wake myself up 😛

    • I’ve had something similar to all of your dreams at one point or another. Sometimes my dreams are so vivid and real that I feel as though (if I could remember them all) I could write a screenplay for a movie. I really should start doing that actually…

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