Never Say Goodbye

If you’ve been paying attention even the slightest bit to my blog, you know that Ian and I are moving to Nunavut in just over a month.  Since we’ve both jumped into our own personal blogs headfirst in the last few months, we decided to create a new blog to follow our journey north and be a great way for people to keep up with this new facet of our lives.  That and Ian came up with the coolest name for it.  😉

We’d love for you to follow along as well.  So check it out and subscribe…because as the name says, I’ll Have Nunavut


14 thoughts on “Never Say Goodbye

  1. That should be interesting. I’ve had a few friends over the years take jaunts in far away places for at least a few months. I even have a few friends that took a research trip to Antarctica. Will your cats be going along with you?

    • I had a teaching assistant who did some research in South America and Antarctica a number of years back. He shared some of his work with us and it was fascinating. That’d be an amazing place to visit…not sure about live mind you. That’s even more remote than where we’re headed. Yes, the cats will be coming along. Sophie will be staying with my mom and stepdad for awhile…we likely will have to take them in the cabin as it will be too cold for animals to travel in the cargo section when we fly, so we can only bring one per person from what I understand. I think Sophie will need some special attention anyway since she’s rather old. She’s a tough girl though…I think she’ll be fine on the flight…

  2. So glad that you’re getting the opportunity to explore this great country of ours. So few of us get to go to the extreme north, treat it like the adventure that it is sure to be.

    Most of all, have fun!!!
    Bon Voyage

    • Nunavut is formerly part of the Northwest Territories in Canada’s Arctic region. I’ve never been there, so I can’t give a personal account of what it is like there, but the territory itself is huge, so describing it all would be difficult. I will be moving to Iqaluit, the territory’s capital, where it is on Baffin Island, and accessible by air year round, or by boat (sort of) once the sea ice melts. It is above the tree line, very cold for much of the year, but there is sunlight in the winter and a bit of darkness in the summer. I’ve started another blog with my husband called I’ll Have Nunavut, so if you’re interested, you can follow along and learn about the area as I do.

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