Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Source: Steve Jurvetson, 2006

While there have only been three challenges in Hippie Cahier’s Algonquin Experiment, I’ve really been enjoying reading them, and participating in one of them.  The latest challenge is Diamantes in the Rough.  I haven’t written much poetry these days, save for my submission in the comments of Amy’s zombie, zombie burning bright post that was recently FP’ed.  However, a diamante is a framework for poetry.  And since poetry is subjective, I will make my attempts at a masterpiece.  Or at the very least, something that fits the bill.  And in the theme of my future exploits…here we go…

by She Is Just A Rat

warm, sunny
travelling, sunbathing, shopping
concrete, fast, down-tempo, relaxed
exploring, learning, discovering
different, cold

Can you tell I’m excited to move?  😉


12 thoughts on “Shine On You Crazy Diamond

  1. oh wow, you and I were on the same wavelength today. moving will be quite a change, but you’ll come to love it for all the reasons it’s different if you let yourself =) (i’ve moved nearly every year of my life, so I have some experience with it)

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