Devil’s Got A New Disguise

After resigning to the fact that there was no way I would have the time or creativity to pull together a Halloween costume with everything going on for the move, I managed to literally come up with an idea in the shower this morning.  It’s cheesy, but seriously…you can’t expect a woman who will be celebrating her first anniversary on Halloween to not at least try to participate.  Luckily there was a costume contest at work, so I managed to get a cell phone snap…quality’s sketchy, but that’s okay…thanks for the picture Sam!

So…without further ado…

That's right...I'ma hitchhike my way to Baffin Island in sub par winter clothing...


18 thoughts on “Devil’s Got A New Disguise

  1. Awesome costume! I am also wishing you and Ian Happy 1st Wedding anniversary as well….they say marriage is a journey, an adventure or a rollercoaster ride, I say it’s all of that and then some, but whatever people choose to call it, I am glad you and Ian are doing together. Happy anniversary, enjoy the journey 🙂

  2. It works as a way to deliver two-weeks’ notice, too. I fantasize often about the creative ways I’d like to quit my job. I might steal this, although ‘Nunavut’ is substituted with something more southeastern US in my dreams. Hope you had a happy trick-or-treat.

    • Dang! I wish I thought of that – would have been a heck of a way to let them know huh? Well, I did want to sort of let them know far in advance since my section of the department is so small. Certainly don’t want to leave on bad terms – all in all, it wasn’t a bad job…it’s just not really a good fit for me anymore. But yes, we did have a lovely Halloween. Dinner and dominos at my aunt’s place with some cousins…typical Sunday evening for us. 😉

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