Now I Must Remember

Today is a day for remembering.

It is a day where we reflect back upon the sacrifice…
Of lives…of families…
We reflect upon those who gave up so that we would not have to.

We pay tribute to those who have gone before.
Those who defended their lives – and ours
Those that defended the freedom of a future generation that many would never live to see…

Yet today, we are still in conflict.
We are still at war.
So then we also pay tribute to those who are giving…who have yet to give…
To those who will pay the ultimate sacrifice…
And to their families who would not change their decision to represent our great nation for the world…

Two words need to be said…
Thank you…

Today, we shall never forget…

Source: John Nyberg,, 2010


12 thoughts on “Now I Must Remember

  1. Very well put Suze. I share your sentiments.
    Today regardless of how we spend it, everyone should take a moment or two just to reflect on those who gave everything so that we could live free. Not such a bad trade eh??

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