Pour Some Sugar On Me

My name is Suzanne and I am a candyic.

What the heck is a candyic? you ask, confused.

Well, I recall reading a rant from a former coworker of mine (hi Brandon!) that discussed that you really shouldn’t attach “holic” to items that you’re addicted to.  For example, chocoholic.  This would suggest that you are addicted to chocohol, when really, it’s chocolate.  And so, I believe candyholic would be the incorrect word to use in this case.  However, by now, I think you have the point.

I am addicted to candy.

Uh, but Suzanne…aren’t you diabetic AND an anti-dentite? you ask…still confused.

Why yes, that does happen to be the case on both accounts.  However, my addiction to candy started way before I became diabetic and much sooner than I decided I was an anti-dentite.  And let’s face it.  Those of us with addictions know that we are often powerless against them.

I feel sorry for those addicted to drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.  It’s not nearly as fun as being addicted to candy.  Take a look at some of my favourites [all images courtesy of Sweet Temptations]…

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Come on…admit it.  Your mouth is watering now, right?

I’m not the biggest fan of hard candy.  And that really chewy taffy-like stuff either – I could do without it.  But gummy candy…jelly beans…the occasional chocolate bar…yum!  I love all flavours…fruity, cinnamon, licorice, sour.  I feel a craving coming on.

Mmmm...bulk candy and chocolate...

That’s one of the things I miss the most about the south so far – not having access to one of my favourite stores in the world, Bulk Barn.  It’s a wondrous place with an aisle devoted solely to candy, and another to chocolate and nuts.  Of course, I certainly appreciated their other aisles, like the pastas and flours and spices and baked goods decorating aisles, but let’s face it.  If I was wanting to make a Bulk Barn run, it sure as heck wasn’t going to be so I could skip the candy aisle.

So why is it that I have this addiction?  How come I’m able to say no to so many other things, but not candy?  Perhaps it’s because it’s the only thing I really don’t say no to.  Those that know me, know that I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life…don’t drink coffee…rarely drink alcohol…have never done an illicit drug in my life…so really, candy is one of my only, if not the only vice I have.  Perhaps it’s not the best choice considering the circumstances, but it’s not like I live on the edge in any other way.  My candy consumption varies too…come Halloween time, I typically do consume a bit more.  Same with Christmas.  And every once in a while I just get that craving that I can’t satisfy any other way.  You know what I’m talking about…

Now that I’m sufficiently thinking of candy again, I think I’m going to have to make an Iqaluit-wide hunt for something to satisfy this craving.  Thank goodness it’s Christmas…shouldn’t be too difficult.  😉


27 thoughts on “Pour Some Sugar On Me

  1. Too funny, Suzanne!! I went to dental assisting school with a girl who LOVED candy too!! Everyday (and I mean EVERY day) you could see her eating some sort of candy. She was super slim too…lucky girl!! Anyhow, I wanted you to know that you are not the only ‘candyic’ around. Good luck on your candy finding quest! 😉

    • Thanks Karen! I’ve found candy up here…it’s just not what I’m looking for yet. And some of it is a little beyond its best before date – which we all know is just a suggestion anyway. 😉

  2. I have to admit that I’m hooked on Sour Patch Kids and Sour keys. I never liked them until I was pregnant with my second daughter, and then I was like, “Damn, where have these been all of my life?!!” LOL 😉

  3. Mark Twain says that you should always have a vice so that when you’re ill you have something to give up for a while to get better. Being a candyic is good for you in that respect.

    I think I love bulk barn

  4. I was getting a little worried at first because I hadn’t ever heard of alot of the candy you had in your post. Then I saw Nerds, Jelly Bellies, SKittles, and Reese’s Pieces. Phew! I was beginning to question my own candyicness. (Is that word ok?)

    What’s an “anti-dentite,” and why is my work blocking the link as “adult/mature?”

    Love the post title!

    • Some of the candy’s British and German…some is distinctly Canadian. For me, candy knows no ethnic boundaries.

      An anti-dentite is a reference to a fantastic episode of Seinfeld, where Jerry declares that he does not like going to the dentist and Kramer declares him an anti-dentite. I fully embrace this dislike of dentists that I have! 😉 My work blocks the link too…it’s just to the urban dictionary…so who knows what else is on that page!

  5. “Those that know me, know that I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life…don’t drink coffee…rarely drink alcohol…have never done an illicit drug in my life…” Me too!

    One of the first businesses I had (when I was 16), was a candy store called “The Candy Bar.” I lived near Belleville, Ont. then, and my parents used to take me across the border to Clayton, NY to buy the stock. One of my favourites was Brach’s “Walnut Goodies”…not sure if they still make them. I also had a guy in Verona, Ont. who made old-fashioned homemade hard candies (peanut crunch to die for, and humbugs), and amazing maple fudge. I had the store for a year-and-a-half (until I moved to Ottawa)…made no money because I ate a lot of the profits!


    • You owned a candy store??? *faints*

      Yeah, I could never own a candy store. Nothing would make it out to be stocked.

      In Waterloo, there was a wonderful store called Sugar Mountain…but alas this past summer, there was a massive plaza fire that took out Sugar Mountain, and another of my faves, Mel’s Diner. Such a sad sad day.

    • Yeah…I applied for a job back in July and was offered it in October. So we moved to Iqaluit, Nunavut at the end of November and here we are…in the Canadian Arctic! Having better weather than the rest of the south. Well…at least we were.

  6. Awesome! Wasn’t there a Simpsons episode where Homer was a rageaholic, and said he was addicted to “Rageahol”? It was probably one of those crappy new episodes nobody remembers. I’m also an anti-dentite. I think dentistry is a big scam. I like to tell people that I have all four of my wisdom teeth, and chew with them every day. I better be brain dead before a doctor or dentist takes one of my functioning body parts! But, I confess, I really don’t like candy. But, if there is a bowl at work I tend to grab a handful – not because I like it, but because it is free. I like peanut brittle, though. That’s what my grandma made for me, and I now make for my friends.

  7. I share your addictions to all things candy, mostly chocolate here. I was born with the addiction. I have a bit of a theory (which probabaly holds no water) that it depends on what food you were fed first when you were a baby….vegies or fruits. I tested it on my kids (the poor defensless souls) and while they both love candy, the one I started on veggies can go without candy without much stress.

  8. This post and its fabulous author were heavy in my thoughts the other day when I was in the local Amish market. They’ve expanded their already unbelievable candy section. I wanted to buy you one of everything.

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  10. I remember your candy obsession well – and having a conversation with you when you were first diagnosed with diabetes regarding your concern about having to give it up. You were devistated. I’m glad you are still able to keep it in control LOL.
    I am still a candyic too (in case you don’t know… my email is I 8 *ate* jaffas – which is an Australian candy) 🙂

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