Don’t Stop Believin’

The cast of Glee did it.  Hundreds of hopefuls on musical reality television shows do it.  Thousands of drunkards in karaoke bars on Friday night do it.  So now…I’m doing it.

That’s right…I’m finally using Don’t Stop Believin’ as a post title.  Go ahead.  You can touch me.

I know you’re wondering why I would do such a thing.  Well, I’m about to let you in on the reason.  So gather round kids…let me tell you a little something…

I’ve noticed on a lot of the blogs that I read that people are all about the bucket list.  People have 30 before 30s and 40 before 40s, etc.  There are lots of things that people want to do before a particular deadline.  I might have the ambition, but I don’t necessarily have the resources to put together such a list of must-have experiences before I die.  I also have this little problem of lack of focus sometimes, so it makes things like writing priority lists of experiences a little difficult to come up with.  What I might consider to be important one day, would not necessarily be so the next.

Regardless, the other night I was watching television, and it occurred to me that I had witnessed something on the show I was watching that I really wanted to experience.  Unfortunately, without connections, a lot of money to bribe someone, or some fairy godmother to sweep in to grant me my one wish, there’s no way, no how that I’ll get to experience what I saw.  But, that doesn’t stop me from putting together a list of the unreachable dreams and goals that I would love to accomplish in my lifetime (but probably won’t if Richard Branson is not my benefactor – cuz he can make anything possible).

I present to you…

The Ultimate Bucket List (with a hole in the side)

  1. Have my own theme music – seriously.  Who doesn’t want this?  It’s like Shaft or Black Dynamite.  Walk into a room and be greeted with a solid bass line?  I can’t think of anything better.
  2. Run down the ramp and fly into the ring at a professional wrestling event – yes.  I’m that girl.  I see those wrestlers get to make spectacular entrances every week…with loud music and pyrotechnics.  I want that.  I want to be able to do this.  It goes hand in hand with my theme music.
  3. Wax poetic with Christian Bale – does anyone really need a reason behind this?  It’s Christian Bale.  I’m fairly sure that the chat would be fairly one-sided, but I wouldn’t want to interrupt that Welsh accent, now would I?
  4. Walk the hobbit sets of Lord of the Rings – I think this one is all but a pipe dream now.  The sets have long been removed, and unless they have been securely stored in perfect condition, not even Richard Branson can help me with this one.
  5. Time travel – cuz it’d be awesome.
  6. Survive and flourish through a zombie apocalypse – I’m always working on my zombie plan.  Now to just wait for the zombies…
  7. Follow Massive Attack on their next world tour – I finally got to see this band in May of 2009 after about 14 years of being a fan.  Well worth the wait.  Their next world tour may just be their last…it would be phenomenal to witness that nightly…
  8. Build a completely self-sustained, off the grid home with its own natural water filtration system, waste management system, etc., etc., etc…. – I’m not talking a compound here.  I’m just talking about a completely environmentally sustainable home in a natural environment.  Dreams can come true!
  9. Finish playing all of the Silent Hill games – I own them all.  I have started them all.  I am too scared to finish them all.
  10. Write The Jolie Adventures.  Oh, okay, this is one on the list that WILL actually happen…soon!  It’s coming…I promise!

13 thoughts on “Don’t Stop Believin’

  1. This is an awesome list! Everyone should get a pro wrestler’s entrance at least once in their lives.
    Ever see the movie “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka”? In it, a pimp has musicians follow him everywhere playing his theme music. It’s awesome. Plus, he has platform shoes with live goldfish in them, and, coincidentially, owning such a pair of shoes would be on my bucket list.

    • I own “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”. One of the best blaxploitation parody films ever! You definitely should check out “Black Dynamite” if you enjoyed that movie and haven’t seen it already. The best. The pimp’s backup band was kind of inspiration as well…and the goldfish shoes are amazing.

    • We checked out “The Losers” last week. Not a bad movie…interesting soundtrack. LOVED the Don’t Stop Believin’ scene…Chris Evans was hilarious in that…

      The zombies will come very slowly up here…zombsicles!

  2. Great list. The Zombies ARE coming, just ask Thoughts! I’ve started the Silent Hill games as well and have been too scared to finish them. My partner in crime? It’s (12) and she’s just as much a chicken as I am. I’m looking forward to reading “The Jolie Adventures”. That chic really gets around. lol

    • Okay…so I’m glad I’m not the only chicken. Those are some creepy ass games…but I can’t get enough of them!

      The Jolie’s been naughty…you’ll have to check out Ian’s blog post when he writes it…scandalous!

  3. Good grief! February 18? I’m THAT far behind?! Let’s pretend I was just waiting awhile so I could ask you this:
    Since you have that focus problem, has your choice of theme song changed since you wrote the list? Just wonderin’. Mine would probably change daily.

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