Well Canada, I have to say it. You know…that line that your mom always pulled when you did something really dumb.

I’m not angry…I’m just disappointed…

We Canadians turned out in droves yesterday and made our voices heard.  And our voices said “we want four more years of a Stephen Harper-led Conservative government”.

Unofficial election 2011 results (Source: CBC.ca) - Navy blue - Conservative; Orange - NDP; Red - Liberal; Light blue - Bloc Quebecois; Green - Green Party

Really?  Is that really what we said?  Because from where I was standing, people on the streets were angry.  They were upset at the direction our country has been taking these last number of years with the Conservatives at the helm.  They were angry that Canada has been looking less and less Canadian.  That we are losing the identifiable benefits that make us proud to call ourselves Canadian.

Or was that all in my head?  Did I just think that I read all the angry posts on numerous message boards of people so upset with the changes under the Harper government?  The outrage in the north over Nutrition North Canada under the Conservatives was a figment of my imagination?  The negative ad campaign that is clearly the sign of a party under attack?

I guess I was just dreaming.

Still…strides were made.  Quebec proved that if one party gives up their votes to another, sweeping changes can colour the province orange.  British Columbia proved that the Green Party is a viable option in Canada.  The country proved with the popular vote that we are a left-leaning population.  That gives me hope.

But will any of that matter?  Will I even recognize the country that I love in four years?  Is an economic turnaround worth the fears I now have for the environment?  Equal rights for the GLBT community?  Education?  Universal health care?  The future for the next generations?

Thanks Stephen Harper.  You sure make it easy for a girl to “just say no” to having kids…

Were we all just fed up of this being the fourth time we headed to the polls in seven years?  Perhaps…but there are better ways to display your dismay.

Alright.  So maybe I am a little angry…


6 thoughts on “Electioneering

  1. It’s nice to see people still care enough to get angry!
    I mean, the end result is still disheartening, but it’s still good to hear someone embrace the fact that they have a voice!

    • Oh, you have no idea! I spent too long on Facebook last night trying to reach for some semblance of explanation for why the election went this way. But nothing!

      Maybe I was too naive to believe that we could have a voting revolution like when Obama was elected…like there was so hope for us after all. It made me proud to live as a neighbour to a country that would finally break the hold of the right…but then blam! We go and do this! And may I also say, I’m not impressed that your country’s pendulum is steadily swinging back the other way too. Ugh. We need to start our own nation. 😉

  2. I’m blaming it on voter turnout, Suzanne…it was one of the lowest in election history. My Facebook status this morning was: “I voted…if you didn’t, you might be the reason I got this crappy blue T-shirt…”

    I’m pissed!


    • I blame voter apathy…of which voter turnout is a function. Voting is about more than just “getting to complain for the next four years of your life”. It’s about taking responsibility for decisions that are made where you live. I almost don’t even blame those that voted Conservative for this mess we find ourselves in. I just hope our apathetic countrymen and women are happy with their decision to stay home on such an important day. You all suck!

      Love the FB status Wendy…that’s a keeper…

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