Euphonious Fridays – Lippy Kids


When I picked up Massive Attack‘s most recent release Heligoland last year, one of the first songs that I immediately fell in love with was “Flat of the Blade”.  It features singer Guy Garvey.  I immediately fell in love with not only his voice, but the way he vocalizes the lyrics.  He’s an incredibly emotional singer.

Fast forward a little bit, and I finally decide to check out Garvey’s band – Elbow out of the UK.  The band’s been together for about two decades.  And I’m finally really just discovering them now.  I’d like to hang my head in shame for that one.
The band’s fifth studio album – Build a Rocket Boys! – was released in March of this year.  The name comes from a lyric in the song I’m featuring, ‘Lippy Kids’ – also the name of the working title for this album.  The song is so…pretty.  It’s subtle and unassuming and stunning and inspiring – all at the same time.  The song was apparently written in defense of the British kids who one might see hanging out on street corners, and one might consider a criminal simply because they did so.  In other words, street toughs.  All in all, it’s a lovely song and I highly recommend that you check out this band if you haven’t.  There is so much good music coming out of the UK these days that it hurts my head to think about it!
So thanks Elbow…now I’ve got to go and buy your back catalogue.  I’m going to be broke after my summer vacation with all the music I’m going to need to buy.

lippy kids on the corner again
lippy kids on the corner begin
settling like crows
though i never perfected that simian stroll
the cigarette senate was everything then

do they know those days are golden?
build a rocket boys!
build a rocket boys!

one long june
i came down from the trees
and kerbstone cool
you were a freshly painted angel
walking on walls
stealing booze and hour long hungry kisses
and nobody knew me at home anymore

build a rocket boys!
build a rocket boys!

Here’s ‘Lippy Kids’ live at Blueprint Studios.  Gorgeous!


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