Closer to Fine

Goals.  Accomplishments.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s the shit that your high school counsellor told you about.

That you should come up with a list of things you want to accomplish in life and use it to frame how you live.

Yeah. Whatever.

To me, goals sometimes equal unattainable dreams. Not always…and not for everyone. But let’s face it. There are certain goals that you set for yourself that may not always be realistic.

That said, today I reached a goal.

I have lost ten percent of my body weight since February. I hadn’t been actively pursuing it until somewhere around April, but now that I am, it feels good to have achieved such a feat. I am not a small woman. I have never been a small girl. I have a large frame, and confirmed that I just look terrible at certain weights – weights that the whole BMI thing recommends that I should be. BMI can only take you so far. Common sense needs to take you the rest of the way. Regardless…for someone like me who has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for almost all of my adult life, twenty-one pounds is a hell of an accomplishment.

But aside from weight and all that junk, I feel healthier. I don’t hesitate to scurry up the stairs to my 4th floor apartment like I used to. I’m at the gym two to three times a week. I’m now craving fruit more often than candy (not that I didn’t crave fruit before…and not that I don’t still crave candy). It takes time for these changes to happen. A friend once told me that it takes 28 days to make a habit and 28 days to break a habit. I’m seeing the results of that statement now.

I’m not trying to define my life by how much I weigh…or what I look like.  It’s more important to me that I feel good about myself.  And I haven’t…not for awhile.  For various reasons.  But this is starting to help.  It’s not that I’ve lost weight…it’s that I’m set myself a goal.  It’s that I’m accomplished something.  It’s that I’ve actually stuck to something.  Sometimes it’s these small victories that we need to latch on to in order to get through the day.

I realize it’s been some time since I last wrote anything on this blog.  I’m hoping to change that.  I’ve missed all of you guys out there…all my blends!  But let’s face it…sometimes routine is a killer.

I can’t promise you I’m back…but I promise you that I’m still alive and thinking about you guys…


7 thoughts on “Closer to Fine

    • And now I’ve read it . . . congratulations on the good feeling of accomplishing a goal. I understand that it’s a great challenge to balance the focus of real life with the pleasant (and perhaps necessary) distraction of blends. We’re here when you’re here. I’m glad you are here/there/wherever.

  1. That’s great. Congratulations, I always thought that accomplishing a task that you set for yourself by yourself was always the best way to feel good about yourself.

    Especially if someone has a habit of procrastinating, like I do, then accomplishing things on your own feels even MORE rewarding.

    Regardless, again congratulations and do whatever YOU think makes YOU feel better, because no one knows how to make you happy more than yourself.

    Gee, good thing I wrote it and didn’t spoke it. Anywho, good luck and keep it up!

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