Good Golly Miss Jolie

The Jolie has come to Nunavut.  If you don’t know what that means, you should probably read up on it.  For those of you who have been salivating with anticipation of details of her visit, I apologize for the wait!  You see, The Jolie has this thing about photos, and I’m sure her other hosts have had to deal with her “handlers”.  Unfortunately, since we’re so far north, we’ve had to have all her photos approved at great distance.  But no more waiting!  Here she is in all her Jolicity.

This is by far the most northern of her adventures so far.  Also the most cold.  As gracious hosts, we welcomed her into our home and invited her to our Superbowl party.  We also decided to bring her out to experience Wing Night at The Storehouse.  It’s an Iqaluit tradition!  She’s been trying to turn over a new leaf and make friends with some of the inhabitants of our new home, but…well…she’s The Jolie.  It appears she’s rather set in her ways.  Regardless, she has made some friends.  And she’s definitely had some adventures.  Let me tell you about some of them…

When the Jolie arrived, she was coming off of a week-long journey from New Brunswick.  Luckily her wonderful host Wendy sent along some dulse with her in order to prevent her from starving.  It worked, but there wasn’t much dulse left in her little paper bag when she showed up.

After showing her where she’d be staying for the next week or so, she quickly starting wandering off on her own to make some new friends.  Her first encounter ended up being our calico, Brit.  There was a bit of a standoff, but they ended up getting along pretty well for the most part.

When she arrived, it was prime sleeping time for our other cat Jemaine.  She slowly stalked him from afar, and eventually approached his travel crate that he usually can be found in during the day.

As you can tell, Jemaine looks pretty sleepy here.  Unfortunately for The Jolie, she mistook dopey for docile, and they quickly got into a fight.

Following her encounter with Jemaine, The Jolie decided that she needed to brush up on her survival skills.  She decided to check out our book collection and came across a couple of possibly suitable books.  Well…possible if you can apply zombie survival techniques to cats and other wildlife.

While over at the books, she noticed our DVD collection and immediately started hunting for her own movies.  She started making comments about the lack of Brad Pitt movies under her breath, but eventually all was forgiven when she found these…and exclaimed “I feel like I’m on the red carpet again!”  I didn’t bother to mention that she was on a green countertop.

Not too long after her arrival was Superbowl Sunday.  So obviously we invited her to the bash.  She again disappeared for awhile.  Our apartment is not that big.  We had no idea what she was doing.  Actually, Ian eventually discovered what we suspect was some of what was keeping her occupied when she ran off – read about that here.  But we had guests to prepare for, so we had to get going.  We later discovered that while we were preparing some of this…

…she was searching for this…

It would appear that The Jolie does not know much about football, as this jersey belongs to a former NY Giant/current New Orleans Saint…neither of whom were in this year’s Superbowl.  But we can’t fault her…it was the only jersey in her size that she could find, and she was really into the spirit of things.  That is, until the game started.  Halfway through, she commandeered the remote and switched the game to the 7th Annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

She got really into the Puppy Bowl.

The Jolie decided to take some time during the next week to do some shopping.  Here in Iqaluit, and the rest of Nunavut, there are some wonderful Inuit artisans and carvers.  Being a Hollywood star and a woman, The Jolie was growing tired of her combat boots.  She decided it was time to invest in some lovely kamik (boots) for stylish tromping around town.  I later learned she was lying to me, and that they were actually a gift from someone else.  I never, ever should have made her a parka!  She’s modelling that in a post on our Nunavut blog

She was also fascinated by some of the carvings she saw.  I told her it was improper to haggle too much, as for many carvers, that is their only source of income.  Besides…the work is beautiful!  We suspect that due to our proximity to the airport, she may have snuck away across the territory to visit some other communities, as she came back one day with an owl that she kept mentioning was from Pond Inlet.

Wednesday rolled around, and Wednesday means Wing Night at The Storehouse.  We all packed up and headed up to the Astro Hill Complex and found a great table by the fireplace.  The Jolie was immediately taken in by the number of flavours of wings that were available.

She decided she wanted hot wings and was content to steal any of the drinks that the rest of us had ordered.

She had a particular fondness for my Smirnoff Arctic Berry cooler.

She also decided that she wanted to eat most of my potato wedges.

And that was after she polished off a basket of her own wings and some of everyone else’s as well.

Sufficiently full and drunk, she decided it was time to practice some of those survival and hunting skills she had been picking up over the week.  She thought she was an amazing shot!

None of us had the heart to tell her that the polar bear was already dead…

Don’t forget to check out Ian’s blog and our Nunavut blog for some further adventures.  They are coming soon!  As always, check out the originator of The Jolie Pez Project for more information…


Everything is Everything

You know those times when you review the pictures on your camera while transferring them to your computer?  The times where you think to yourself, “just what was I trying to capture here?”  Yeah, well, I had one of those moments.  There were so many random images on my camera for this most recent transfer that I decided it might be appropriate to comment on some of them.  And what random post would be complete without new pictures of my kitties?  Not this one, obviously… Continue reading

Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter

I love Jemaine.         

He is one of the funniest cats I have ever met.  In honour of my chubby-bellied little kitty, I began to sing him a song this morning.  Later on, I thought more about it, and decided I would write out the lyrics on my break.  You can sing along if you know the tune…and I’m pretty sure you do… Continue reading

The Lovecats

Despite having been writing this blog since mid-July, I have not yet had a full-on discussion of one of the most integral parts of my family – my cats.  Over a month…this must be some kind of record.  I really didn’t ever think I’d become a cat person, let alone the crazy cat lady.  Though, I’m not certain if you’re allowed to be a crazy cat lady and married at the same time.  Perhaps it means I am something else.  But I digress…growing up, my family always had dogs.  When I was born, my parents had two golden retrievers…or perhaps just one.  Either way, a large lovely dog.  When he passed on, we became proud owners of a mutt named Benji.  I was obsessed with the movie, and even though our little cockapoo didn’t look a thing like the Benji on the big screen, that’s just who he was going to be.  Eventually Benji passed as well, and we were sans pet for some time.  My brother was probably born sometime around then, so there may have been a connection there, but I can’t be sure.
We were left with a pet void for a while, and then one day we came home from helping out at a Christmas bazaar, and lo and behold, a cat was sitting on the front porch.  My brother and I were desperate for a pet at that point I think, but our mom wouldn’t bite.  Eventually I think we wore her down.  However, the cat seemed to wear her down more than us, as we’d come home or look out the window to find her hanging off of the window screen every once in a while.  Our mom finally agreed to take her in, but only if we put an ad in the paper to see if the cat was missing.  We got a call from a lady who said her cat was missing.  The description was right…well, except for one crucial point.  The cat she was looking for was a boy…this was clearly a female.  However, our parents told the lady to come by anyway to see.  Apparently the cat didn’t want to be found, as she disappeared for a couple of days while the lady was about to stop by.  With no cat to see, the woman didn’t bother to come back…annnnnnnd the cat came back…the very next day…   
We adopted our first cat and called her Sophie.  Seventeen years later, the name suits her more and more each day.  She’s a lovely, regal creature.  Very snooty.  Wants her way, no matter what you’re doing at the time, and oh she wants it now!  But we love her dearly and she’s become a big part of our lives.  The vet believes that she was likely around two years old when she adopted us, so that would make her about 19 now.  Apparently that’s comparative to being 92.  No wonder she’s so cranky.   

Sophie in her favourite place in the to the water bowl.


Sophie has given us loads of adventures over the years.  We were concerned when I moved from Niagara Falls to Waterloo for school, but she transitioned nicely.  She loves to travel in the car – completely happy to hang out on Ian’s lap or lounge on the centre console.  But even in her old age, she’s rather spritely…chasing after unseen spirits and scratching on the carpet in a strange running and stopping pattern.  We’ve been lucky with how healthy she’s been.  She does like to throw a curve ball at us occasionally…she decided that she would rather like to explore outside of our cottage on a trip to Quebec last year.  She’s not an outside cat.  After about 36 hours of worrying, searching the surrounding woods, and writing up a sign in French to display in the area for a missing cat, she decided to appear from under the cottage.  We’re not sure if she explored the area, didn’t like it and returned to the cottage, unable to find her way back inside, or if she was under there for the whole time, but either way, she’d finished her adventures and returned to us.  Thankfully.   

In the summer of 2009, we discovered a lovely little gal that would hang out in our backyard.  We fed her, and called her Mel.  We were concerned that she was very small and wanted to help her to find a home, as Sophie likely would not have accepted another cat into our household.  After a number of weeks of begging, my brother and sister in law said that they would adopt Mel.  We brought her down to Niagara Falls with some goodies like a cat bed and toys, and settled her into her new home.  A couple of weeks later, my brother called to let us know how Mel was…well…she was pregnant.  Oh boy.  Our good deed was about to multiply!   

Mel gave birth on August 31 to two kittens and September 1 (my birthday) to the second two.  Rather than leave my brother saddled with five cats, we adopted two of them.  Pretty good considering we didn’t even think Sophie would be happy with one.  The second oldest of the litter, a calico, was to be named Brit, and one of the two born on my birthday, an orange and white guy, would be named Jemaine.  Some of you may catch the Flight of the Conchords reference (and may also connect that back to Mel).   

The fuzzy babies shortly after arriving at our home...


We brought Brit and Jemaine up to Kitchener shortly after Ian and I got married – the week of our mini-moon.  They adjusted quickly to the new surroundings and we introduced them very slowly to Sophie.  Ian built a cat wall in the basement so that we could keep them in their own area, while allowing Sophie to understand that someone new was around.  Shortly after, we integrated them into the rest of the house, and by Christmas, everyone was sleeping upstairs.   

Sophie still doesn’t particularly like Jemaine.  She tolerates Brit.  Both kittens are fascinated with Sophie.  They don’t understand that when she runs away from them, it is because she wants to be rid of them, not that she wants to play.  For the most part, they leave each other alone, but there are times when we catch them all hanging out together.   

All aboard the kitty-go-round...


 It’s funny.  They all have very distinct personalities.  I’m sure I’ll speak more about them in other postings.  But for now, I’ll leave you with some of my favourite pictures…  

Sophie prides herself on being an intellectual


Knocked out in his cat bed. With MY beach towel. Well, what's left of it. It's the second towel he's destroyed with his nesting.


Brit posing on the cat climber


Sophie keeping a close eye on Brit...plotting death I'm sure...


I can only imagine the conversation...


Shocking us all, Jemaine decided to go sit on Sophie. It didn't last. Jemaine won the blankets for the afternoon with this power move.

Through Glass

It’s Friday morning and I have the day off.  But this is not going to be a fun day off.  Oh no…there are new windows being installed in our house today.  Yippee!  While I am happy about the new windows, I am not happy about all of the disruption we’ve had to go through to get them.  The installers will likely be here within the hour, but we STILL don’t know what to do with our three cats – none of whom are too impressed about wearing the new harnesses and leashes we got them.  On the other hand, with no blinds and curtains on the window, this place is HUGE and bright!  I’m just hoping that this will go quickly and we’ll be able to enjoy some of this long weekend…

Needless to say, this should be an interesting day.