I Want Candy

I haven’t been posting much lately.  With all the chaos of packing and getting things ready for the big migration, it’s sort of fallen by the wayside.  So I thought that I’d offer a little post with a little eye candy for the readers who might appreciate a nice actor or three.  I thought I’d hunt down some super sexy shots of some of my favourite actors to show my appreciation.  This isn’t the kind of thing I normally do anymore.  When I was in high school I used to gawk over guys in bands – music has always been my thing.  But now, I’m a married woman.  I shouldn’t be drooling over pictures of actors, dang it!  So, that’s why I’m inviting all of you to do it with me.  Help share in my shame! Continue reading


Everything is Everything

You know those times when you review the pictures on your camera while transferring them to your computer?  The times where you think to yourself, “just what was I trying to capture here?”  Yeah, well, I had one of those moments.  There were so many random images on my camera for this most recent transfer that I decided it might be appropriate to comment on some of them.  And what random post would be complete without new pictures of my kitties?  Not this one, obviously… Continue reading