Skew It on the Bar-B

The festival held this weekend in Kitchener has become somewhat of an annual event for Ian and I since we moved up here.  The Downtown Kitchener Ribfest and Craft Beer Show is always a good time for smells, tastes and the sounds of summer.  Ironic as I’m a vegetarian.  However, for the meatatarians in the area, the Ribfest is the place to be in mid-July in Victoria Park.  There’s typically a number of barbecue vendors, selling ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and other meaty offerings; local and not-so-local craft breweries sampling their brews; homemade ice cream; musical acts; and lots and lots of people.  I was so inspired that as I write this, I am beginning to smell the scent of a new baked beans recipe that is heating in the oven.  More on the success of that later…  

Despite the threat of a storm, and a bit of rain, Ribfest-goers were out in full force.


It was a little rainy when we went today.  But that didn’t stop us from enjoying the sights and smells of the day.  I used to attend the Niagara Food Festival in Welland when I was back in the Niagara region…and Art by the Falls was also a great craft show to attend.  Now that I’m up in the Waterloo region, there are festivals almost every weekend in the summer.  And unfortunately I haven’t had the good fortune of attending most of them.  The Uptown Jazz Festival, K-W Bluesfest and Waterloo Busker Festival are a few that I’ve had on my radar to attend, but…things just haven’t worked out yet.  

The lovely folks at Boss Hogs grilling up a feast...


Ian proud of his meaty good find...full rack of ribs hiding the pulled pork that he didn't even order!


There’s something about a local festival that tends to make me feel at home.  I’m a people watcher.  When I was in NYC, I sat at my hotel window when there wasn’t anything to really do, and just watched the people passing on the streets below.  There’s something to be said about observing the human condition from afar.  It can be meditative.  It almost relaxes me.  And during times when there’s plenty of stress to be had, it’s a great way to pass the time. 

Me happily noshing on barbecued corn on the cob. We also enjoyed a soft bread pretzel and freshly squeezed lemonade.


 So if you’ve got a local festival coming up, I suggest checking it out.  You never know what you might find…local treasures are everywhere.  You just need to be willing to give it a go and look for them…