Candy Corn…Gummies?


That’s right.  My first post after almost two months and all I’ve got to show you is my newest Bulk Barn Halloween candy discovery.

Yes…Bulk Barn already has Halloween candy!

I’m in heaven.

So yes, this is a shout out to my blend Omawarison’s blog Blurt.  Oma is very particular about his candy corn.  But one thing to note is that these are like the Twinkies of candy corn.  The nibs are never broken off, which means they are never overripe…and always in season.

Highly recommend this sugary goodness.  Chewy and taste exactly like traditional candy corn.

Perfect for this diabetic.


Everything is Everything

You know those times when you review the pictures on your camera while transferring them to your computer?  The times where you think to yourself, “just what was I trying to capture here?”  Yeah, well, I had one of those moments.  There were so many random images on my camera for this most recent transfer that I decided it might be appropriate to comment on some of them.  And what random post would be complete without new pictures of my kitties?  Not this one, obviously… Continue reading