You’re The Best

Aww shucks…someone thinks I’m awesome.

I’ve received an award from Hippie Cahier, and she is just swell.  So swell in fact, that she has not once bothered me about the fact that it’s taken well over a month for me to get to writing this post about it.  You see, it takes me a really long time to write blog posts now that I’m working at the speed of the internot up here in Iqaluit.  So I tend to put things off.  A lot.

Maybe I should just learn to write less in one post.  Or not overanalyze things.  Am I overanalyzing this right now?  Sheesh.

But I digress…on to the award…

It took me a really long time to come up with a good post title, since I don’t know of too many songs related to winning awards.  Maybe I need to listen to some happier stuff?  In any case, I was hit with a bolt of lightning as I recalled that super fantastic awe-inspiring moments from the All-Valley Tournament and decided that Daniel LaRusso was the kind of winner that I was starting to feel like.  Look, I’m already starting to meander back off topic…

The Memetastic Award

Originally given to the Mayans for their use of cacao beans as currency in 250 CE (or created by Jillsmo sometime in January of this year – whichever comes later), the Memetastic Award was developed to honour the memelicious spirit in which blog awards are typically given.

Yeah, I don’t know what that means either.

Either way, there are rules you have to follow when you receive this award, so I’m not about to be the first to break them here.

1.     Display the obnoxious graphic associated with the award.

2.     List five things about yourself, where four of them are bold-faced lies.

3.     Pass on the award to five bloggers – there is no specific criteria for this selection.

Jillsmo then goes on to post a threat that could be used against her in a court of law…I think.  But fun times anyhow…

Candies and Rainbows and Gumdrops, Oh My!

The graphic is described as “absolutely disgusting”, but I happen to like it.  It has a kitten in celebration.  You have no idea if you do not cohabit with kittens, but they – contrary to popular belief – do not celebrate in this way.  Kitten celebrations include claws extended in poorly placed locations – such as the fatty part of one’s thigh, or over one’s shoulder into their back.  The rest of the time, they sleep.  Or eat and poop.  But celebration is limited.

Four Lies and A Truth (in no particular order)

I can’t just tell you some things about me…since I’m a storyteller, I’d like to tell you some of my adventures.

  1. After meeting my husband while visiting South America, we lived in a marital stalemate for several years with perceived domestic bliss until I found out he was hired to kill me, while I was hired to kill him.   An extremely violent confrontation in our kitchen let to a rekindling of romance followed by the explosion of our home when those who hired us realized we were both threats that must be eliminated.  We have since made peace with all involved and are living quite happily now, but are not allowed within 50 metres of any big box store in North America.
  2. When I was quite a bit younger, my brother and I found out that we were going to have to move.  We learned that unless we were able to raise enough money, developers would be buying us out and building a golf course over our neighbourhood.  I stumbled across this treasure map, and got my group of friends to come with me to help look for the hidden fortune that the map seemed to indicate was somewhere in a cavern.  While searching for it, we discovered an evil gang of thieves lived in a house above the entrance to the cave.  After all was said and done, our adventure ended in the bad guys getting caught, and my brother and I finding the treasure and enough money so that our family could stay!
  3. I recently spent three weeks with Angelina Jolie as a houseguest.  That woman is a handful!  I couldn’t believe how much trouble she got herself into…drinking, gambling, and having an affair with Orlando Bloom.  We had to lock up all of our liquor for fear that she would cause trouble with some of the residents of our home.  Sneaking out to the airport almost caused an international incident.  We’ll think twice about allowing such an insane houseguest into our home again.  Thank goodness she’s on her way to Newfoundland now…
  4. In high school, I once came up with a very elaborate plan to ditch school.  I left behind a dummy in my place with a great recording of a snoring effect to make sure no one would think I wasn’t there if they briefly checked on me.  I made sure to bust two of my best friends out of school for the day too…there was no way I’d do it alone.  Everyone thought I was so sick, that people started to send me flowers and balloons…it was really nice to know everyone cared.  Meanwhile, my friends and I were living it up at a major league baseball game, a fancy French restaurant, and local museums.  What a great day it was…if it wasn’t for my principal almost catching me sneaking back into my house at the end of the day, I’d say it would have been perfect!
  5. Camping is one of my favourite ways to spend a vacation.  So when I received the opportunity to go to this old cabin way out in the woods with four friends of mine, I wasn’t about to pass it up!  We made the long drive out there, and when we arrived at the cabin, it was perfect.  Until we found this ancient looking book.  It had a cassette tape with it, if you can imagine…and luckily the cabin owner had a cassette player so we could listen to it.  That was a mistake.  It was a really evil book…and the tape was a translation of it.  Whatever it was, it released…something that possessed my friends, one by one.  We had to lock one of them in the cellar of the cabin to prevent her from attacking us.  After a harrowing night of having to fight and destroy all of my possessed so-called friends, I decided the only way to end this was to burn the evil book.  I threw it on the flames in the fireplace and watched it burn as the sun came up.  A fitting end to a hellish night.  Needless to say, I don’t jump on the opportunity to go camping too often anymore…

And the Award for Best Meme Goes To…

  1. For his promotion of Winnipeg, Manitoba…Bob of Bob’s Place:  Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond
  2. For his fantastic insights into movies and thoughts on life…Cal of Confessions of a Self Proclaimed Megalomaniac
  3. For hardly excessive use of blood in a blog background…The Gore Whore of The Gore Whore Reviews
  4. For amazing photography and a kick ass blog name…Sandra of Enso Monkey
  5. For some truly meme-worthy recipes that I drool over fairly regularly…the anonymous mom over at Try It You Might Like It

PS…I’m not letting you explicitly know you won this from me…you’re all subscribers, so hopefully you’ll catch that I sent this to you…eventually…  🙂


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