As I was catching up on my blog reading yesterday, I noticed that my comments weren’t getting posted on blogs where I have definitely been successful at posting comments before.  I was advised that WordPress is having issues (I know…shocking…but I still love you WP!) with some people’s comments ending up in the spam folders.  So, thanks for that Oma!

This is my friendly reminder to WordPress users to double check your spam folder carefully.  Us poor suckers that have been typing away furiously to leave comments for our friends are getting pwned by a nasty spam filter at the moment.  Hopefully the people I’ve left comments for so far will noticed them before clicking the “delete all spam” button.


Right…so…that is all.



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 I dig WordPress.  There’s some awfully cool features for blogging.  I love the different themes you can play around with and make your own.  But there are loads of other features that I’ve been using a lot more as of late.  Such as Tag Surfer and Readomattic.  I’m particularly fond of Readomattic, as it loads all my subscribed blogs and tags into one handy-dandy spot.  However, when I’m bored, it gives me some fantastic places to check out.  I’ve discovered some interesting blogs this way – and besides, it kills some time if I’ve got nothing better to do.        

So I thought I’d take a journey with you today my loyal readers.  I thought I would Continue reading