Only In Dreams: Mugging + Steamy Donut Grenades = Identity Crisis

Isn’t it strange when you wake up suddenly from a dream and have to do a slight double-take to make sure that what you experienced wasn’t really happening?  I was jolted awake this morning after a particularly strange one, and it’s been stuck in my head for much of the day.  Not the entire dream, but certainly themes from it…names of people and places I encountered.

I’ve previously done a post with some dream interpretation, so I thought it might help me figure out just what I was thinking if I tried that again.  I think that the best way to go about this – since my dream was incredibly disjointed – would be to attack the pertinent stages, one at a time.

I recall sitting on an old fashioned-style park bench that you would see in the middle of a shopping mall.  It was located outside of a Tim Horton’s coffee shop…the mall-style outlets.  For those of you who don’t know, Tim’s is like a Canadian institution.  Directly next to it was a Tim Hortan coffee shop – they were not nearly as busy as the real store.

We now have a Tim's in Iqaluit...that's Horton, not Hortan...

Apparently, dreaming of a shopping mall represents one’s attempts to establish their identity and sense of self.  It could also represent trying to make a favourable impression on another.  When a donut (which is arguably Tim Horton’s second most popular item) shows up in your dream, it signifies that you might be trying to find yourself…that you’re feeling a little lost or not quite whole.  Perhaps I’m trying to find my place up here in Iqaluit still…  Dreaming of being at a coffee shop may indicate a desire to catch up with old friends.  Yup, I could buy that…

The line up at Tim Hortan’s caught my eye, as it was much shorter than Tim Horton’s.  In the shorter line up, I could see a man who was shifting nervously while waiting to order.  Shortly after, I was being introduced to the man, who ended up being Scottish.  His name was Master Carlyle – not Master as in “mister”, but Master was his given name.  I only found out his name when he wrote down his email address.

When you do a Google image search for "Master Carlyle", this is who comes up. Well, him and a lot of pictures of Carlyle master bedroom furniture...

Seeing a group of people in a line may indicate that one should be more aware of a situation or relationship.  I’m not sure what someone else being nervous indicates, but if you are nervous in a dream, it could indicate feelings of self-doubt and insecurity.  Perhaps I am seeing that around me?  The fact that the man’s name was master could suggest a couple of things…I may feel like I need a strong-willed leader in my life, or perhaps need to take on more of a leadership role myself.  Dreaming of email may point to the need to reach out to those who are not physically present.  Hmm…there seems to be a pattern developing here.  Of course, it could also mean that I’ve been spending too much time in front of my computer.

In a weird out-of-body experience sort of way, I saw myself – now outside at dusk – walking towards another bench in a park setting.  Walking towards me was Ian.  Also walking towards me was the strange Master Carlyle man from the mall.  Ian reached me first and we sat down on the bench, as I could see the other man stop suddenly and stand there.  From “inside” my body again, I talked to Ian about where he had been, and never once saw the other man in the park.  Ian told me that he and a friend of his had been mugged by “The Family”, though he had not been injured.

Sitting on a bench relates to procrastination, or taking a passive role in something.  Being in a park tends to relate to a temporary escape from reality; renewal, meditation and spirituality.  The appearance of one’s spouse in a dream can indicate your unconscious feelings towards them.  This really confuses me, because I’m fairly sure that neither his family, nor my own, have tried to mug him.  And again, while there is no real interpretation for another in your dream being mugged, if you are mugged, you may be suffering a crisis of identity.

At some point, Ian’s expression changes and he bolts.  I quickly follow suit, but not him.  As I’m running, I realize that I’m with someone else – I don’t know who, but I assume it may be Ian’s friend that was also mugged.  We reach a “downtown” area and come to a halt, out of breath.  I reach around my bag for my wallet, and try pulling out most of the money.  I put several bills of unknown denomination in my pocket, leaving behind – specifically – a $5 bill.  I notice that I have neglected to remove another bill accidentally – it is a $50 bill. But we are off and running again.

One of the most common themes in dreaming is of the chase.  At the simplest level, being chased signifies that you are running away from a situation that seems insurmountable.  Seeing a wallet in one’s dream indicates one’s financial security.  So did the fact that I removed most of it indicate that I’m feeling good financially, but that there are parts of me feeling intentionally and accidentally vulnerable?  Hmm…

We round a corner and crash right into three members of “The Family”.  They are the largest women I’ve ever seen.  Amazons would call them “Tiny” in that ironic way that you call a 300 lb man “Tiny”.  One of them is holding what appears to be a grenade.  She demands all our money or she will drop the grenade.  Neither of us move, attempting to call her bluff.  She drops the grenade, which puffs as it lands.  She does this crazy sort of freak out where she cocks her head back and slams her entire body forward, cracking her skull into the grenade.  At this point, the man who I believe is Ian’s friend is too frightened to move, but I don’t hesitate and tear out of there, running through an alley between two houses and hiding out in some bushes.  As the woman’s head hits the grenade, steam escapes it in a huge cloud, and the man I was with disappears – as if disintegrating.  I wake up…breathless and wondering what was in the milk I drank before bed…

Being confronted or attacked by a gang indicates that one may feel overwhelmed by situations or circumstances in your walking life.  A grenade can represent pent-up emotions that are about to explode.  Steam may signify an intense emotional state or response to an issue or situation.

Oh boy…am I about to have a mental breakdown???  Right on!

Sometimes man...sometimes...

I sometimes wonder why my brain is never this imaginative when I’m conscious…do the boundaries of reality prevent us from being able to dream so big while we’re awake?  Perhaps it’s for the best…I can’t imagine having to explain to the folks at work why decisions were made if I based decision-making on my dreams.

Thanks to Dream Moods for the help with interpreting my dream…


Don’t Stop Believin’

The cast of Glee did it.  Hundreds of hopefuls on musical reality television shows do it.  Thousands of drunkards in karaoke bars on Friday night do it.  So now…I’m doing it.

That’s right…I’m finally using Don’t Stop Believin’ as a post title.  Go ahead.  You can touch me.

I know you’re wondering why I would do such a thing.  Well, I’m about to let you in on the reason.  So gather round kids…let me tell you a little something…

I’ve noticed on a lot of the blogs that I read that people are all about the bucket list.  People have 30 before 30s and 40 before 40s, etc.  There are lots of things that people want to do before a particular deadline.  I might have the ambition, but I don’t necessarily have the resources to put together such a list of must-have experiences before I die.  I also have this little problem of lack of focus sometimes, so it makes things like writing priority lists of experiences a little difficult to come up with.  What I might consider to be important one day, would not necessarily be so the next.

Regardless, the other night I was watching television, and it occurred to me that I had witnessed something on the show I was watching that I really wanted to experience.  Unfortunately, without connections, a lot of money to bribe someone, or some fairy godmother to sweep in to grant me my one wish, there’s no way, no how that I’ll get to experience what I saw.  But, that doesn’t stop me from putting together a list of the unreachable dreams and goals that I would love to accomplish in my lifetime (but probably won’t if Richard Branson is not my benefactor – cuz he can make anything possible).

I present to you…

The Ultimate Bucket List (with a hole in the side)

  1. Have my own theme music – seriously.  Who doesn’t want this?  It’s like Shaft or Black Dynamite.  Walk into a room and be greeted with a solid bass line?  I can’t think of anything better.
  2. Run down the ramp and fly into the ring at a professional wrestling event – yes.  I’m that girl.  I see those wrestlers get to make spectacular entrances every week…with loud music and pyrotechnics.  I want that.  I want to be able to do this.  It goes hand in hand with my theme music.
  3. Wax poetic with Christian Bale – does anyone really need a reason behind this?  It’s Christian Bale.  I’m fairly sure that the chat would be fairly one-sided, but I wouldn’t want to interrupt that Welsh accent, now would I?
  4. Walk the hobbit sets of Lord of the Rings – I think this one is all but a pipe dream now.  The sets have long been removed, and unless they have been securely stored in perfect condition, not even Richard Branson can help me with this one.
  5. Time travel – cuz it’d be awesome.
  6. Survive and flourish through a zombie apocalypse – I’m always working on my zombie plan.  Now to just wait for the zombies…
  7. Follow Massive Attack on their next world tour – I finally got to see this band in May of 2009 after about 14 years of being a fan.  Well worth the wait.  Their next world tour may just be their last…it would be phenomenal to witness that nightly…
  8. Build a completely self-sustained, off the grid home with its own natural water filtration system, waste management system, etc., etc., etc…. – I’m not talking a compound here.  I’m just talking about a completely environmentally sustainable home in a natural environment.  Dreams can come true!
  9. Finish playing all of the Silent Hill games – I own them all.  I have started them all.  I am too scared to finish them all.
  10. Write The Jolie Adventures.  Oh, okay, this is one on the list that WILL actually happen…soon!  It’s coming…I promise!

I, Zombie

Halloween is definitely in the air.  The candy, decorations and costumes have been in the stores for several weeks now.  And to be honest, I’m starting to have weird dreams again.  I usually have Halloween-influenced dreams – likely due to the fact that there are many more examples of new horror movies out in the theatres, or for rent, or just on tv.  With so many sources to draw from, the imagery is bound to get me thinking in my non-waking hours.

Last night, I had the strangest dream. Continue reading

Dream Weaver

The other night, Ian and I finally watched the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street starring Mr. Jackie Earle Haley.  I have since determined that Jackie Earle is quite possibly my new Kevin Spacey – the man who will creep me out in my dreams.  Oh, and not in a “I just watched A Nightmare on Elm Street, so I’m freaked out about Fred Krueger” kind of way…more in a “It’s Jackie Earle Haley and he’s a creepy sumbitch” kind of way.  This guy seems like he’d be a real cool guy to hang out with…until he does that voice he does.  Yikes.

Dear Jackie Earle Haley, this is about as creepy as I can stand you – half naked and hanging out with Will Ferrell who’s wearing very short 70s-style basketball shorts. Oh, and maybe hold back on that thing you do with your voice. Thanks. Your friend, She Is Just A Rat (Source: Google image search)

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Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)

Why yes, Chris Nolan…you certainly did.  Inception more than lived up to the hype and excitement that’s been building in me since I first heard about the concept of this film.  Having seen over 75% of his directed films, and almost 90% of those he’s written, this film has been pegged as his masterpiece, and truly, it was.

It’s hard to discuss the film without giving away too much of the plot.  However, the basic premise is that there is a thief for hire, Dom Cobb,  who specializes in a sort of mind espionage.  In this world, technology allows these extractors to create, enter and modify the dreams of others in order to gain access to trade secrets, hidden thoughts, etc.  You can imagine the kinds of wars that could be waged on this type of front.  Cobb works with a number of other specialists who assist him in creating the dream world, keeping security from reaching the intruders, finding the thoughts that hold the answer for the job, and most importantly, ensuring that the dreamer has the belief that everything is real so that they will not awaken while the work is being done.

The cast assembled was marvelous.  As previously mentioned, I am no fan of Leonardo DiCaprio – however, this role seemed much more natural for him.  He was quite good as Cobb.  The rest of the cast was an assembled bunch of actors who have previously worked with Nolan (such as Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, and Cillian Murphy (who was also fabulous in his role)), and assorted others who were cast into highly suitable roles.  Marion Cotillard is quickly becoming a favourite leading lady of mine…Ellen Page is finally moving on from her cynical youth…Joseph Gordon-Levitt is no longer Tommy from Third Rock.  Pete Postlethwaite, Tom Hardy, Dileep Rao, Tom Berenger, and Lukas Haas round out the cast in fairly memorable roles – each integral to the plot.

The story itself is complex and well thought out to the very last detail.  The human mind can be a wonderful and frightening place, as we can see throughout the dream sequences of the film.  If you are lucky enough to remember your dreams, they can be vividly beautiful, and terrifyingly ugly.  Quite often the switch between these experiences is all but instantaneous.  Considering this movie was based upon a dream that Nolan had himself, or rather, an idea that spawned from the dream, be prepared for an inventive adventure through the subconscious.  The visually stunning backdrops to the story make you begin to wonder if there are dreams you’ve experienced that were real…or realities you believe you’ve been in that were dreams.

So should you see it?  Most definitely.  Is it confusing?  Complicated, yes.  But not confusing…you will be able to follow Nolan’s storytelling, as he has a way of making the story intelligent without going over most heads, and understandable without dumbing it down.

“Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.”

P.S.  I can’t stop thinking of elephants.