I Wanna Be Sedated

I’m stressed.  You can tell, because I haven’t even been blogging.  In fact, I’m so disappointed in the lack of writing I’ve been doing, that you should go check out Ian’s latest article.  It’s about McDonald’s advertising.  You’ll love it.  Go.  I’ll be here when you get back, I promise. Continue reading


Better Things

Life often takes us in unexpected directions.  Take for instance the other day.  A friend from undergrad posted on my FB page that a position opened up in his wife’s office…in Nunavut.  All joking aside, due to some circumstances in my life at the moment, I started to highly consider the possibility of applying for the job.  It’s in the field that I went to school for, and quickly fell out of due to oversaturation in the market of GIS in Southern Ontario.  To find a job in the field straight out of university, I likely would have had to have applied overseas.  There are loads of GIS jobs in the Middle East for instance…but I can’t see myself there.  One, I’m too pale to deal with that much sun…and two, I just hate the heat.

Enter the Arctic.  I wouldn’t have to worry about the sunlight.  And I certainly wouldn’t have to worry about the heat.  Perfect, right?  Well, except the distance from home, cost of living, and lack of knowledge of the region that I have.  Oh, and the potential for health care issues based on my insulin pump therapy.  But aside from all of those things…

Wow…what an adventure it would be to completely move somewhere far from much of civilization and be surrounded by only about 7500 other individuals.  Many of whom are of a culture I’ve never encountered on a regular basis.  This is taking my recent desire to move out of the city and find a farm and live off the land, and multiplying it tenfold…oh and adding snow and ice.

I presented the idea to my husband, Ian, and he said “Go for it!”  Now…THAT was actually a bit of a shocker.  I expected the thought to die there, but even after twelve years together, the man can still throw me a curveball.  So then…what do I do?  It has been less than two days since I discovered the opportunity on my radar, and in those two days, I’ve discovered a lot about the changes that would be required, and the steps to get there.  Am I going to apply?  Absolutely.  I can’t see a more adventurous opportunity coming into my life anytime soon.  And so I will tweak my resume yet again, and hopefully word my cover letter well enough that the folks up in Iqaluit will see the spark of excitement that has ignited within me.

If only the cats don’t mind flying…