Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Source: Steve Jurvetson, 2006

While there have only been three challenges in Hippie Cahier’s Algonquin Experiment, I’ve really been enjoying reading them, and participating in one of them.  The latest challenge is Diamantes in the Rough.  I haven’t written much poetry these days, save for my submission in the comments of Amy’s zombie, zombie burning bright post that was recently FP’ed. Continue reading


I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

I have been inspired.  Ms. Hippie Cahier has challenged us out here in the blogiverse to share with the world the search terms used that have led people to our little corner of it.  I took a look at the my history and was a little shocked…a wee bit confused…and kind of frightened.

This is a real search that led people to me. What??

Because of the whole exercise, I think I’m just going to start doing some random Google searches now and specifically seek out WordPress blogs just so that I can pad some search stats in strange ways.  Might make for some interesting finds as well… Continue reading