Beautiful Day

And just like that…life changes.  With a simple phone call, you find out that you have in fact been offered a new job…in a completely new locale.  What awaits you?  What experiences will come your way?  What growing pains will face you?  Can you do what everyone expects you’ll be able to do?

We are currently in A...we will soon be in B. (Source: Google Maps)

Those, my friends, are the questions that I am now facing as I have officially advised the good folks up in Nunavut that I would like to accept the job.  This has been a crazy three months as I waited to hear back about interviews…then results of interviews…then finally the news that will change life as I know it.  Ian and I will be packing up our lives in the south, and moving to Canada’s newest territory just outside of the Arctic Circle…and just outside of our comfort zone.  Sometimes you need to take these leaps of faith to test your boundaries and challenge yourself.

And so, Ian and I are taking our abundant leap of faith and heading up into the great white north…seeking change.  I’m sure we’ll find it.


32 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. good luck to you. I know I couldn’t do it (the lack of sunshine would do me in). I’ve actually been facing similar questions whether it is more important to me to live where I want to live or have a job in what I want to do. In other words, is it more important to make money any way possible in order to continue living here, or give up living here in order to do what I want to do elsewhere? Seems you have made that choice, and I know I will have to make the choice in the next month or two.

    • It’s certainly a tough decision…but we’re at a point in our lives where it was a hard decision not to make. No kids and no owned house sure helps make the decision a lot easier. Sure, there’s family we’ll miss, but it’s a lot easier to stay in touch these days than it used to be.

      You’d be surprised at how a change in scenery (no matter how small) can change your life. Seek the job you want ahead of the job you need to have and you won’t regret it! Good luck with your job search!

    • I will be working for the government in the Dept of Environment. Don’t want to get into too many details, but I’ll be working with geographical information systems…what I went to school for…so yay! It only took me seven years to find a job in my field!

  2. Congratulations and good luck! Sometimes you just got to jump off that cliff and see what awaits you! Good for you! Looking at the map….I agree….it looks a TAD cold up there!! Don’t think you will be needing shorts anytime soon…..or ever…….. 🙂

  3. I am SO excited for the both of you!! It will truly be a blessing for you to be able to do what you studied. New experiences definitely do bring excitement. You’ll have to tell us all about it!! And if you get the opportunity to take a picture of polar bears, please do, as they are my favourite animal, and I’d love to see a picture that didn’t come from a postcard or magazine! 😉

    • The only reason I’d ever get close to a polar bear is for a picture…so if I’m not running for my life, you’ll be the first to see it! I’m sure we’ll both have lots of stories to tell!

  4. I wish you could see me doing my happy dance. On second thought, it’s better that you can’t. YAAAAAAAYYYYY you! What an excellent adventure this will be. Great blogging material, too.

    My nose and toes got cold just looking at B on the map.

  5. Congratulations on the new job! How quickly do you have to move? How exciting! And I can see how it would be out of your comfort zone. I’ve never moved more than an 1 hour or 2 away from Washington, DC.

  6. Congrats!!! yippeeee!!! High 5! I’m sooo happy (and cold) for you! I’m also looking forward to hearing all about it! I can’t even fathom living that far north but I’m so glad you get to move on witht the next phase of your life.

  7. I am two days behind in seeing this but I’m so happy for you both! I’m glad you’re finally rid of that pins and needles feeling of wondering if this was going to happen.

  8. I’ve only ever been to Canada once, I only went to Toronto. I have quite a few distant relatives up there, if you meet anyone whose last name is “Stittle” then please tell them Holly says: “Hey there distant relative.”

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